Day 7. Write an article about something that you find interesting.

Hey everyone, I hope you have a good day:)

For the 7th day I will talk about what I find interesting. To be honest I find a lot of things interesting, so it was quite hard to pick just one.

But somehow I managed to, so let's get started!

I wanna talk about tattoos. I find this topic very interesting.

Just imagine how the first person made a tattoo, when was it, how did he find out what to do. It's just impressive! I find every body-art very interesting, I myself do have piercings and hopefully I'm gonna have a tattoo soon:) so I can't wait it.

I've searched for some information about tattoos that you may find exacting, so I hope you'll like it!

Let's talk about their meaning first, because who not:D
- Flower: Flower itself usually means some kind of hope, a wish, or desire.
- Rose: (red) it symbolizes love, passion or (white) pure love, or to symbolize distance keeping.
- Wild Flowers: freedom, naturalism, and that you're fresh.
- Stars: God's and heroe's personify or can be a protective meaning, luck or the born of something new.
- Bat: luck and being immortal.
- Elephant: force, patience, wisdom, long life, luck happiness.
- Wolf: it symbolizes freedom as war as I know.

I hope you found it interesting. However there are a lot more information about tattoos I wanna share you, I don't wanna bore you at all, so maybe next time!

See ya tomorrow:)!