This is a list of Taylor Swift MASTERPIECES ★♫♕❤
Breathtaking music, words to live by and something about real magic, which will heal all your struggles. She's one of the most inspiring woman of our society, and I hope you will start to appreciate her with this playlist.

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Enjoy, guys ☀

1. Wildest dreams
(this is literally a dreamy song.. it will take you far away from here ✈)

2. All too well
(no description needed)

3. You belong with me
(a true masterpiece, it will never get you tired of listening)

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4. Clean
(inspirational, pure, wonderful)

5. Red
(this song is LOVE.)

6. Enchanted
(so emotional, my heart explodes with it every time)

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7. This love
(delicate and sweet, but not for everybody)

8. Long live
(all the magic YOU made, Tay! ♛♡)

9. Crazier
(perfect sound, perfect voice.. repeat it till the bitter end)

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10. Love story
(another absolute masterpiece, this makes history)

11. Haunted
(you will feel this song in your veins, for how strong it is)

12. Back to december
(romantic and unforgettable)

13. Style
(it really never gets out of style..)

Taylor Swift, style, and Swift image

14. The lucky one
(one of the most REAL Taylor's songs)

15. Begin again
(winter days.. not having a lover? don't worry, you have this song)

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16. If this was a movie
(not commercial, just a special song)

17. Sparks fly
(you will see them listening to it!)

18. New Romantics
(brilliant and so underrated)

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19. Mine
(beautiful song, mostly if you are sooo in love)

20. I knew you were trouble
(go listen her live performances of this song.. nothing to add)

It was very difficult to choice just 20 of them.. she's the most powerful, wonderful and talented artist of which I've ever been fan. ❥

with love,
Elenoire ✿