Hi everyone ! First of all, know I'm a french speaker so please be indulgent with my english. I write in english because I try to improve my english ... So enough talking about me, here my top 15 of favorites movies. Enjoy sweeties ...

1/ Scent of a women
I don't know where to start ! This movie is just wonderful and Al Pacino's performance is amazigh. The story is captivant, the dialogues are great and there is two powerful speeches. I can't watch it so many times without being bored.

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2/ The Godfather
Al Pacino ! Again ! What can I say ? This man is a F@#%ing actor and deserves more than one oscar ... Anyway, this movie is a classic and you should watch it for the script and the performance.

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3/ Misery
The movie is as creepy and intense as Stephen King's book. The relationship between an author and a reader is explored in a interesting way.

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4/ Still Alice
Honestly I never thought I could find a movie as powerful than Scent of a women but then I saw Still Alice. Julian Moore made me cry over and over. You can also read the book is adapted from.

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5/ La Haine
French movie in the top ... The story is the consequences of an attack on a young Arab boy by a policeman. The movie relates the 24 hours following a strike against police violent and focus over three boys.

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6/ The Modern Time
A classic from Charlie Chaplin. He relates the evolution of the industrie and the fallen of the workers.

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7/ The Goodfellas
An other mafia movie ... BUT it's different from The Godfather and the script is as captivant as the actors performance.

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8/ Deadpool
Ok I am a Marvel fan but this movie is awesome ! The production is faithful to the comic - the jokes, the scenes and the script respect the Stan Lee's ideas. (Hoping a crossover with Wolverine)

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9/ The Lost Boys
My first horror movie ever ! I was so scared when I was a child because of it and now, I just love this vampire/bad boy movie.

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10/ Leon
I am not sure that a lot of you will like it. The rhythm is a little bit slow but the movie is damn good and watching Gary Oldman as a bad boy is paradise !

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11/ Shining
An other Stephen King's book adaptation with a magnificent performance from Jack Nicholson. Just enjoy King's universe !

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12/ Logan
An other Marvel I know but what can I say ? The duo Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart is brillant and the end ... OMG so much feelings ... (Still hoping a crossover with Deadpool !!)

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13/ The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Young. Fresh. Inspiring. Beautiful. There is so many words to describe The Perks of Being a Wallflower, just watch and you will feel you different. If your are a books addict, you can find the book.

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14/ The Help
An inspiring story in a history context, full of opinions and rebellion -"Don't follow the mouvement, embrase diversity and be unique" that's what I learned from it. Read the book too.

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15/ Harry Potter (Saga)
Seriously ? I have to put in the list because I am a children of the "Harry Potter Generation". The story - books and movies - rises me.

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That's all for me ! I hope you have enjoyed this article and you have discovered a masterpiece. If I can give you an advice is to watch all this movies in VO because it respects the dialogues.

See you soon. Take care. Love you all.