Hi everyone ! First of all, know I'm a french speaker so please be indulgent with my english. I write in english because I try to improve my english ... So enough talking about me, here my top 15 of favorites movies. Enjoy sweeties ...

1/ Scent of a women
I don't know where to start ! This movie is just wonderful and Al Pacino's performance is amazigh. The story is captivant, the dialogues are great and there is two powerful speeches. I can't watch it so many times without being bored.

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2/ The Godfather
Al Pacino ! Again ! What can I say ? This man is a F@#%ing actor and deserves more than one oscar ... Anyway, this movie is a classic and you should watch it for the script and the performance.

Abusive image godfather image

3/ Misery
The movie is as creepy and intense as Stephen King's book. The relationship between an author and a reader is explored in a interesting way.

Image by Danielle misery and Kathy Bates image

4/ Still Alice
Honestly I never thought I could find a movie as powerful than Scent of a women but then I saw Still Alice. Julian Moore made me cry over and over. You can also read the book is adapted from.

Image by XetaiGulu still alice, kristen stewart, and love image

5/ La Haine
French movie in the top ... The story is the consequences of an attack on a young Arab boy by a policeman. The movie relates the 24 hours following a strike against police violent and focus over three boys.

boy, boys, and la haine image gif, la haine, and said image

6/ The Modern Time
A classic from Charlie Chaplin. He relates the evolution of the industrie and the fallen of the workers.

chaplin, charlie chaplin, and movie image charlie chaplin, black and white, and chaplin image

7/ The Goodfellas
An other mafia movie ... BUT it's different from The Godfather and the script is as captivant as the actors performance.

goodfellas image goodfellas and ray liotta image

8/ Deadpool
Ok I am a Marvel fan but this movie is awesome ! The production is faithful to the comic - the jokes, the scenes and the script respect the Stan Lee's ideas. (Hoping a crossover with Wolverine)

deadpool and Marvel image deadpool, Marvel, and ryan reynolds image

9/ The Lost Boys
My first horror movie ever ! I was so scared when I was a child because of it and now, I just love this vampire/bad boy movie.

1987, movie, and the lost boys image 80s, movie, and vamp image

10/ Leon
I am not sure that a lot of you will like it. The rhythm is a little bit slow but the movie is damn good and watching Gary Oldman as a bad boy is paradise !

leon image leon, movie, and film image

11/ Shining
An other Stephen King's book adaptation with a magnificent performance from Jack Nicholson. Just enjoy King's universe !

shining image movie, The Shining, and quote image

12/ Logan
An other Marvel I know but what can I say ? The duo Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart is brillant and the end ... OMG so much feelings ... (Still hoping a crossover with Deadpool !!)

logan, Marvel, and x-men image logan, wolverine, and x-men image

13/ The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Young. Fresh. Inspiring. Beautiful. There is so many words to describe The Perks of Being a Wallflower, just watch and you will feel you different. If your are a books addict, you can find the book.

Image by Cherry Dimes Love charlie, emma watson, and Sam image

14/ The Help
An inspiring story in a history context, full of opinions and rebellion -"Don't follow the mouvement, embrase diversity and be unique" that's what I learned from it. Read the book too.

the help, emma stone, and movie image movie, quotes, and the help image

15/ Harry Potter (Saga)
Seriously ? I have to put in the list because I am a children of the "Harry Potter Generation". The story - books and movies - rises me.

harry potter, book, and hp image harry potter image

That's all for me ! I hope you have enjoyed this article and you have discovered a masterpiece. If I can give you an advice is to watch all this movies in VO because it respects the dialogues.

See you soon. Take care. Love you all.