Day 1: Write about myself

I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone for liking anything I post. I get really happy when I see that someone started following me or my collection, or that they liked a picture I posted. You all inspire me to do what I do.

I love to write so I decided to do the 15 day writing challenge. I hope you enjoy what I'm about to do and if I get enough likes I will continue.

Im going to start with saying that my name is Hannah Marie. (I'm not going to tell you my last name) I am 15 years old and my birthday is in June. Im full American and am proud to be. I do not judge others on what they are because I love anyone and everyone I meet.

I live in North Carolina. I live with my dad and his girlfriend. My dads girlfriend has 4 kids but only 3 live with us. I have to share my room at the moment until we clean out the upstairs room for her daughter. I have 1 older brother (he is 18) but he does not live with us, he lives with my grandma and he husband.

I have broken both wrists and have had surgery on my face (you can't really tell). I have recently found out that I am Bipolar but not bad.

I do not get into politics because that is what gets everyone arguing. So I gave up trying to understand.

I have a small group of friends but I don't really talk all that much. I hate speaking in public and am very shy. My friends (all 3 of them) know everything that I'm going through. They have always been here for me from the start and have not lost faith in me.

Im drama free but if you start something with me it will not end unless I say its over. If you hurt me or my friends you'll automatically have to deal with me. Ive only ever been in 1 fight (at school) but I'm not a bad kid. My grades have always been A's and B's nothing lower. Ive never been suspended or written up. All my teachers love me. I stay on task and get my work done.

I have to say that I listen to all types of music and do not regret it. Its just in the moment type thing. Also I love all types of movies. I won't regret telling you that I love Disney movies. I don't have a favorite but if I had to choose, it would be any Tinkerbell movie. Why you ask? Because thats what all my friends call me.

I have been told that I am much more mature than my age and that I do not look like or act a sophomore. I dress with my own style and own it. I do not regret the chances I take and I am much more out there than I even realize (even though I don't talk much).

I am currently In a happy relationship and I do not regret it at all. Ive been kissed by him and I am falling in love with him. I have never told a guy I've been with that I loved him but I think I might end up telling this one.

My dream job is to be a child day care owner. I used to want to be a vet but I found out I'm allergic to dogs and cats.

I am 5' exactly, I'm just a shorty but I love it. I always win at hid n seek.

My favorite color is Black, I know dark but it goes with everything.

I love to read and always have. I have never gotten tired of reading. I do not have a favorite book because they are all just so good.

Well I think thats enough for now so I hope you like what I wrote.

Have a wonderful day
Hannah XOXO