If I had to name one island that grew tremendously in popularity during the past years, it's definitely Bali. We all know someone that has been to Bali, fell in love with Bali or left their heart in Bali.

I have to confess, I am one of these people. I went to Bali, fell in love and left my heart there. I lived in Bali for six months back in 2015 and finally got the opportunity to go back there last summer. After spending so much time on this island, I think I can do some amazing recommendations when it comes to hotspots. Therefore, I'm proudly presenting this article with my all time favorite Bali hotspots. Enjoy!

bali, indonesia, and infinity pool image
My favorite infinity pool in Canggu, East Bali

Canggu is by far my favorite place on the island. Even though it has become quite touristic, the relaxed vibes in this area are extremely contagious. As in most parts of Bali, Canggu is food heaven for people that like to eat vegan and the beach clubs around here are breath taking. Canggu is also very popular because of its beaches. Perfect for both beginning and experienced surfers.

Pantai Batu Bolong (Beach)
At this iconic beach you'll find black sand and the perfect waves for people that want to learn how to surf. Your visit to Canggu isn't complete without stopping by Batu Bolong!

The Lawn (Beach club)
The Lawn is definitely one of my favorite beach clubs. You can relax in their yard for free, or rent a reasonably price sunbed for you and your friends. The sunsets are amazing here so if you have a chance, don't leave before sunset!

Cafe Organic (Cafe)
In this cafe you'll find pretty smoothie bowls and yummy breakfast platters. Cafe Organic is very photogenic and can definitely not be missed for a Whi worthy shot in their swing.

Old Mans (Cafe)
This place is one of the most iconic cafes in Canggu and is most popular for its Sunday evening drinks. The food and drinks are good and I can guarantee that you'll make a lot of friends here.

Dojo Bali (Co working place)
This one's for the digital nomads among us. Unfortunately, visiting Bali comes with an extremely slow internet connection which makes places like Dojo very much appreciated. If you need a quiet working spot with fast WiFi, Dojo is your spot!

bali, Island, and photography image
The Lawn by sunset. Can it get any more magical?

Seminyak is currently the most crowded and touristic area of the island besides Kuta. Seminyak has lots of amazing We Heart It worthy cafes and is the place to be if you like shopping. You'll find cute shops on every street corner where you can negotiate yourself to a good price for beautiful handmade items.

Mrs. Sippy (Beach Club)
Mrs. Sippy is my current favorite when it comes to beach clubs. It's not even a real beach club since it's not located at the beach, but it's an amazing oasis in the heart of Seminyak that contains amazing food and a beautiful pool. You can chill at their sunbeds for free or rent big beds to share with your friends.

Motel Mexicola (Restaurant)
I visited Motel Mexicola for the first time last summer, and this place really makes you feel like you're in Mexico. The food is well priced and delicious, and the entertainment is absolutely amazing. If you'd like to have a taste of Mexico you should definitely not skip this colorful place!

AYA (Restaurant)
AYA Restaurant Street Art Gallery is a temple for the senses,
with Peruvian fusion cuisine, international beats and eclectic
global street art bringing a new level of modern street culture to Seminyak. With a carefully curated selection of street artwork, AYA is both a restaurant and gallery. Artworks include a huge mural by renowned London artist D*Face, sets of Banksy, Space Invader, Jan Kaleb and many others.

Cabina Bali (Cafe)
Cabina is a pretty, pink and cozy cafe restaurant that also offers the possibility to go for a swim in their pool. Their food tastes as good as it looks and is very reasonably priced. Big 5 star recommendation!

Mad Pops (Ice cream)
You can't leave Bali before getting some vegan ice cream at Mad Pops located at Jl. Kayu Aya. The store is tiny, but the ice cream is absolutely delicious. Oh, and don't forget to take a photo in front of their "Ice Ice Baby" lights!

bali, blue, and happy image
Chilling at Mrs. Sippy in Seminyak, right before sunset

This is probably the most well known area of the island. Famous for its rice terraces, amazing views and spiritual vibes. Be aware that prices in Ubud can be a lot higher than in other areas of the island, so warm-up those bargaining skills!

Hujan Locale (Restaurant)
If you're getting a bit tired of all the Nasi Goreng and would like to spend some money on exceptional food, you should definitely visit Hujan Locale. I had an amazing lunch here and eat the most delicious piece of meat I've had in ages. Not less important: the interior is beautiful and modern, and the staff extremely kind. Five stars!!

Tegalalang Rice Terraces
You can't visit Ubud without seeing the rice terraces, and Tegalalang is the most iconic one. Go there early morning or right before sunset to avoid the crowd, and walk through the race paddies soaking up the beautiful scenery around you.

Saraswati Temple
Bali's temples are absolutely beautiful, but Saraswati is a very special one. Entry into Pura Taman Saraswati is free but, as with any temple visit in Bali, a sash and sarong around the waist is compulsory. You can enter the temple behind its amphitheatre at any time of the day and admire the calming atmosphere, architectural features and sandstone bas reliefs that honour the Hindu goddess of knowledge and arts, Saraswati.

asia, bali, and indonesia image
Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Ubud

When it comes to beautiful scenery, Uluwatu is the place you need to be. I have been to a lot of beautiful places in the world, but the view you have when you're standing on top of the cliff at Blue Point Beach is absolutely breath taking. Watching pro surfers do their thing in the clear blue ocean during sunset has been my favorite view ever.

Single Fin (Restaurant)
Single Fin is mostly famous for its Sunday evening parties. When you drive to Single Fin on a Sunday afternoon, you'll see dozens of people heading the same way to party at Single Fin. Sunsets on this cliff are breath taking and can definitely not be missed!

El Kabron (Beach Club)
If you want to spend some time tanning and relaxing by the pool, I definitely recommend El Kabron. Take a nap in the sun while listening to some nice lounge music, and take that nice photo on the edge of their infinity pool.

Nalu Bowls (Cafe)
My favorite smoothie bowls can be found at Nalu Bowl. In addition to their cafe in Uluwatu, they have another one in Seminyak. Get yourself a smoothie bowl loaded with fresh fruits and sit down while you enjoy your view from the cliff.

Dreamland Beach
What makes this beach this special is that the waves are insane. I'm 24 but I can still enjoy the waves at Dreamland Beach like I'm a 10 year old. If you come here in the afternoon, you'll have plenty of time to play with the waves before having a good and cheap meal on the beach during sunset.

Padang Padang Beach
Before you get to Single Fin and Nalu Bowl, you'll drive past Padang Padang Beach. Chances are high that you'll spot loads of monkeys here. To get on the beach itself you need to walk down the stairs on the right.

beach, summer, and sea image
View from the cliff at Single Fin & Nalu Bowls, Uluwatu

While writing down all these favorite spots of mine, I realize how much I love this island. It really has this vibe to it that I can't even put into words. If you're still doubting to go, GO! I can guarantee you'll love it as much as I do!

Lots of love,