1. Travel is The Easiest It's Every Been (And The Cheapest Too!)

Cheap air tickets and low cost airlines are making the world a smaller place. There is no excuse that you can't travel. The other day, I saw plane tickets for a little as £7.99!! Flying in the air is now becoming cheaper than a taxi ride these days. Isn't this something to be extremely excited about?

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2. We Can Learn Anything We Want For Free!

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, aswell as Video Streaming sites like Youtube, not to mention the billions of traditional blogs and sites all over the internet, have allowed all of us to learn, absolutely anything we want, for free! There is no excuse not to learn something new every once in a while. If it's been a while since you learnt something new, take on board point no.4 below and try and learn something new (no matter how small) every month!

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3. It's a Woman's World

Women are getting more and more opportunities than men these days. Especially on the internet, do you know how many female entrepreneurs and successful female bloggers and vloggers there are? Lots!

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4. Never Ending Amount of Inspiration

If you have a WIFI connection, there is no need for the lack of motivation, inspiration or the feelings of being alone, upset or depressed. Connect to the internet and you can connect with people and find all the inspiration you need. There is a limitless amount of inspiration to keep you going whether you need, whether it be fitness motivation, helping keeping your diet on track, empowerment or just simply to keep you focused on your goals. Be inspired like I have and many other people do by focusing your energy on something? Where do I focus mine? http://labeaute.org

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5. Our Phones Can Capture Anything, Anytime

Thanks to modern technology, our smart phones are pretty cool devices in that we can capture absolutely anything we want, instantly. It's easy to capture, store and re-load. So there is no excuse not to capture and store your memories! Just remember to look back on them once and a while.

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Thanks for reading guys, I hope you have enjoyed it. It's purely the thoughts in my mind today. If you want to read more about me, head over to my blog, http://labeaute.org/makeup-storage-organization-organizer-ideas/ for more inspiration. I'd love to hear from you!

Have a good day beauties!