Don’t ever let someone say you can’t do it.

If you have a dream just protect it and do the thing you love the most. People who tell you, that you are not able to make your dreams come true are jealous and they want to do the same thing as you. Don’t be afraid for the opinions people will have about your dream. Remember that it’s your dream and not theirs. You are the one who have to make the dream come true. If it doesn’t go like how you want it to go, try to do it in a different way and maybe take little steps. The most important thing is that when you make your dream come true, is that you are happy and proud of it.

I want to say to everyone who have a dream, believe in yourself. I believe you can make your dreams come true. You are worth it. Don’t listen to the negative people, because they are scared that you are better then them. And you are better then them.

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Ask peoples for advice when you need it and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some people will say no to your ask for help but don’t give up at that point, just ask other people. There are always people who want to help you no matter what they are doing. Keep people like this close to your heart because they are the most beautiful things in your life.

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