I decided to make this 15 Days Writing Challenge and to chose the days I found interesting. So here's day 4 : Things I Can't Live Without

1. When reading this first paragraph, you might think about how common, how general, how cliché this is going to be. But I can't live without music. See, life has been (until now) a hell of a ride. Where, sometimes, I couldn't bare with my feelings. I'm an emotional wreck and I need my dose of happiness once in a while. Music contributes to my well-being on a daily basis.

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Here are some awesome artists I never get tired of listening to. I'll be making a playlist soon.

2. Going on on something very unoriginal, I wouldn't be able to exist without my friends and my family. You get assigned to live the rest of your life with the same people, this makes it your family. And you get to choose your friends, where sometimes you have to let go of some or decide to hold on to others. I'm particulary grateful to have them in my life.

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3. I couldn't ever live without my journals. I've been writing them since I was 10 and I never stopped. At times, I don't need it. I feel powerful enough, strong enough to keep my emotions steady. I like to write my state of mind, write short stories, to report my day at school. It keeps me sain and I get to hold on to those memories forever.

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4. If I decided to open up and to be completely honest, I'd say I couldn't be me without my lies. The little white lies I divulge (sometimes for people's good), the lies I tell people when I'm not content with myself. Lying is bad, it's a terrible thing to do : only when it hurts people (which is not my case). I lie about myself, only when I want to hide the truth about myself. I'm not proud of it, but I'm certainly not going to deny it.

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So here it was : Day 4 of this 15 Days Writing Challenge. But this isn't over, yet...