black forest

I was frightened. I could barely breath in that dark tunnel. What was I doing there in the first place? In the midnight? I had to get through. And quickly.

When I got out of the tunnel I saw something strange in the distance.
- Are you alright?, someone behind me asked.
I don't think I've ever taken fright at anything that much. I turned around slowly. There was an old man, standing in the light of a streetlamp. He was staring at me, while I was trying to get something out of my mouth.
- No... I mean yes.
- You don't look like it. Has something bad happened? Sorry for being curious, I'd just like to know why are you walking around here this late, alone.
I was confused for not knowing who the man was. He seemed a bit familiar.
- Hey, do you know what is that over there? I think it looks odd. And thank you for asking, but I'm seriously okay. I was just on a walk.
The man looked over me and saw it. A huge, black cloud.

After a long silence the man opened his mouth and I stared at him expectantly.
- That must be... no. It can't be.
- What?
He looked at me and and seemed very worried.
- This is not real, right? Oh. If it is, we are in danger. Everyone of us.
- But I don't understand...
- This is what we've all been fearing for. And the worst thing is, that we can't do anything about it. We have to face it.
- Face what? I asked and I felt how I was starting to get nervous.
- If tomorrow never comes. Be happy, go home to your family and care about others. That's the best thing you can do.

He walked away, but I needed to hear more. I ran after him, but I didn't see him anywhere. A weird feeling came through my body and I had to stop for a second. I took a deep breath and looked around. Everything seemed so normal. The cloud was gone, the man was gone and the sun was rising.

I don't think it was a dream. Maybe something in my brains wanted to tell me something.
Be happy today, because we don't know what happens tomorrow.

♡ erinlilian