It's the time we were all waiting for.
The time when the streets of different cities are filled with amazing outfits and fashion comes at the zenith.My favorite though?
New York Fashion Week.
The combination of the Big Apple and Fashion seems magical to me.

But, if you want to be trendy and fill your closet with every new idea you saw on the streets of NYC, do it but don't be sad that you can't buy the designer.
Do it your own way and rock the day.

  • Colour and more colour was trending this year and to be honest- even though i'm not a huge colour fan- i loved it. Play with pink, fuchsia and orange and trust me... you are gonna be addicted.
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  • I thought that the oversized t-shirts and hoodies trend was no longer in the game but well... i was wrong. It's comfy so why not? Style it with over the knee boots or shoes with a chunky heel and you are ready!
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  • Suit Up. A lot of the girls out there did it and it worked. Be classy, comfy but still in style.
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  • Pretty in prints. Don't be afraid. Try prints. They will steal the show.
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  • ANd last but not least, bags and as a bag lover i have to say it. I loved every single bag i saw and they looked like paintings. Mix them with your colourfull outfit or with something monochromatic to keep things quiet.
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NOTE : do and wear whatever you want unless you feel like A DAMN QUEEN in it xoxo