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"Matthew closed his mouth and ruffled his already untidy nest of hair."

Chapter 8

Mary shot around to see where Ivy's gaze was targeted. What, or rather who she saw came to her as a total surprise. The round glasses, messy honey-blonde hair and nervous smile.

Ivy seemed like she wanted to hide behind one of those beautiful dresses. Her head was wildly turning around as she tried to find a way to escape. But there was none. The lobby was small and too crowded to enable a fast escape. So Ivy stood in her place petrified.

When the-coffee-shop-guy started to make his way to the girls Ivy rolled her eyes.

"What's the chance I run into him in a place like this? For real", she whispered to Mary just before the guy found his way in front of them. Mary didn't say anything, just shrugged.

"Hi, what a coincidence!" the guy exclaimed breathing heavily. "It is really great to see you, I think. I was actually gonna talk to you about this tomorrow when you agreed to meet up with me, but now we don't have to wait till tomorrow to discuss the matter. Isn't this great?" The stream of words just floated out of his mouth. He didn't even catch his breath in between the sentences.

"Yes, it's good to see you–"

"Matthew. My name is Matthew, but you can call me Matt. I mean if you prefer that over the longer version. Matthew is also fine, which ever suits you", he introduced himself and bowed his head a bit.

"Great... Now what exactly are you doing here?" Ivy asked running her fingers throug her curls.

"Well it's kind of a long story–" he started to tell his story. But before he even could start telling it Ivy interrupted him.

"Short version, please."

"Right, okay." Matthew draw in a long breath and started telling his story. "So you remember the incident in the coffee shop when we met, don't you?"

Ivy nodded.

"After I got my phone back I started to research it. And I found absolutely nothing. No calls. No texts. No pictures. It was like it never got stolen in the first place. Well then I gave it to one of my friends and asked him to track where the phone had been and he marked me a few spots on a map. This is the fifth place I'm checking. The previous places were all empty. This is a completely different case though. This place isn't empty at all!"

Matthew closed his mouth and ruffled his already untidy nest of hair.

"So you say I'm supposed to believe this event is somehow connected to the phone thingy?" Ivy asked doubtfully.

"It sure is! Why do you think you and me and... your friend are the only ones, that are not dressed properly? I mean really, what is the chance we'd run into each others in a place like this?"

My words exactly, Ivy thought, but kept it to herself.

"And if that doesn't convince you, this will."

Ivy looked Matthew slide his hand into his jeans front pocket and pull out a black piece of paper. It had the exactly identical silvery edges as the one in Ivy's pocket. Ivy's eyes widened and she opened her mouth. A confident smile rose on Matthew's lips.

"You have one too, don't you?"

Ivy didn't have to nod, he already knew. Ivy pretended to search the room with her eyes to avoid admitting that the guy was probably right. The chandelier above them shined as thousands of littles diamonds shattered the light to every possible direction. The reflections of the light danced on the walls of the room. It was truly beautiful.

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"Sooo... what should we do?" Mary interrupted the others' conversation.

"Play along", Matthew said and stepped past the girls to dive into the sea of people.

Few of the people turned to look when he zigzagged through them, but mostly no one seemed to notice him. No one paid attention to them at all. It made Ivy feel a bit uncomfortable. How did they not notice them. After all they sticked out of the crowd so clearly. Their outfits and looks screamed difference. It was like they were used to seeing regularly dressed people among themselves.

"You coming?" Matthew's voice came from somewhere behind Ivy.

She huffed and pulled Mary close to her. And they too dived into the waving sea of silk and gold.

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