Hi, everyone!

Tonight i decided to share some nice music with you, and this time i'm gonna make it easier and link them as well, so you don't have to search them up, you can click on the title of the songs written in red and it will direct you to the song on youtube.
These are some of my favorite rock/indie/pop-rock songs you shouldn't miss out on 'caus not only the sound but the lyrics are amazing too, which i'm gonna exemplify for you a couple of times as well.
Oh, and i almost forgot, not all of these songs have videoclips, 'cause some of them are not singles but the ones that do have one, you will be satisfied not only with the sound but the visuals as well.
And as usual, witouth any further rambles, here are some nice melodies for your entertainment.

The kooks - seaside

As simple as it is, no complicated lyric, just a guitar and a nice englishmen's voice, who needs more than this.

Halsey - Hold me down

,,My demons are begging me to open up my mouth
I need them, mechanically make the words come out
They fight me, vigorous and angry, watch them pounce
Ignite me, licking up the flames they bring about
But it's the devil that's tryna

Hold me down, hold me down
Sneaking out the back door, make no sound
Knock me out, knock me out
Saying that I want more, this is what I live for

Hold me down, hold me down
Throw me in the deep end, watch me drown
Knock me out, knock me out
Saying that I want more, this is what I live for"

Jet - Are you gonna be my girl

Well, this is the song i once told my friend when we talked about music: man, if you ever wanna hear me sing, you have to get in a car with me and this song is gonna be the one, you're gonna hear, 'cause you know, we all like to sing along to some songs in the car and this is the one you don't wanna miss out on performing whether you can sing or not, am i right?

Rise against - Savior

,,So tell me now
If this ain't love then how do we get out?
Because I don't know
That's when she said I don't hate you boy
I just want to save you while there's still something left to save
That's when I told her I love you girl
But I'm not the answer for the questions that you still have, whoa, whoa"

The Strokes - Reptilia

Well this one is a typical ,,listening in the car to it all the time song" too, i remember once i was going to a new years eve party to one of my friend's who lives further away, and i was listening to this song on the bus looking out to the dark forest, waiting for the city lights to appear, well, let me tell you, that was my favorite part of the last night of that year.

,,Now every time that I look at myself
"I thought I told you
this world is not for you"

The room is on fire as she's fixing her hair
"you sound so angry
just calm down, you found me"

I said please don't slow me down
If I'm going too fast
You're in a strange part of our town."

Dreamers- Painkiller

Well, i don't have any more addition to this one than the frontman's voice is amazing ang the band keeps the standard as well.

White Lies - Farewell to the fairground

This song is one of my all time favorite. The part before ,,Keep on running" bit starts, you have to listen to it 'cause i can't write it down, you will hear it what i'm talking about. It is just amazing, it has everything that a good song needs.

,,Farewell to the fairground
These rides aren't working anymore
Goodbye to this dead town
Until the ice begins to thaw

We'll head south, just hold my hand now
I feel like I'm casting off my clothes
And I'm running through the snow towards the sunset
And I'm always with you

Keep on running
Keep, keep on running
There's no place like home
There's no place like home"

Against the current - Running with the wild things

Chrissy and the boys really go at it hard with this song. It's my favorite from their original songs.

,,We got too big for the cage you locked us up in
Let's mark this down as the day that we started something
So open the gate, open the gate cause when we
Finally escape, finally escape we'll be
Tearin' through the streets
Running with the wild things"

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Goodbye angels

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Right on time

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark necessities

Well, if there comes to red hot chili peppers, the first question most person ask John or Josh? (To be honest with you, if there wasn't John the old songs wouldn't sound like they do, but i prefer them the way Josh plays them.) Well, all of us know, that guitarist come and go in some bands, and no one ever talks about the bass player.
But to be honest, in their new songs, and in some of the old ones too, if there wasn't for Flea's amazing bass solos combined with Josh's guitar solos they wouldn't sound as they do.
So, all i'm tryna say, ladies and gentleman, give some more attention to the bass 'cause that gives most songs that extra flavour that they need, that's why i chose these songs, from the second one i prefer the concert version, and no, not that one you are thinking of...lol.

Twenty one pilots - Fake you out

Well, these two gentlemen are not only insolently handsome, but super talented as well. They deserve all the success on this world in my opinion.
When i first found them, i thought, man, i've never heard someone sound this honest before, they speak from so many people's heart and they are real. That's what makes them one of my favorite bands.

,,I'm so afraid
Of what you have to say
Cause I am quiet now
And silence gives you space"

,,It's the same game today as it always is
I don't give these places fake my name explaining this
And the wrists of my mind have the bleeding lines
That remind me of all the times...
I have committed
Dirty dirty crimes that are perfectly form-fitted
To what I've done and what I'm doing
I'm brewing and losing and spewing infusing
And believe me that's what all the kids are doing"

,,Our brains are sick but that's okay"

Arctic Monkeys - When the sun goes down

Arctic monkeys - Knee socks

Arctic Monkeys - Snap out of it

If any of you is aware of these gentlemen's work, you know that all of their songs are amazing.
And i know i speak from lots of ladies viewpoint, when i say that Alex's voice is that typical british angelboy voice one that you immediately fall in love with. Oh and the drummer's voice isn't something we should forget to mention.
That's when we usually say, we wish we would live either in Sheffield or Brighton 'cause that's where you can find these amazing british bands.
I could link all of their songs, but i'm gonna go with this three for now.

All time low - lost in stereo

Damn, another Alex and his band that can sing, play and write as well. This and most of their songs is just perfection.

Bring me the horizon - Drown

Bring me the horizon - Follow you

Bring me the horizon - Avalanche

Well, one time there was a boy who told me that i should listen to this band because it's one of his favorites and really nice, and showed me a song from them.
To be honest, i was like, hey, this isn't music what they are playing, it's just screaming and it's shit.
But then, Oli came off drugs and finally started to sing like an angel.
Their sound changed but in the right way and i"m so happy for them to make this change.
And once again, the lyrics, one of the most real and honest ones that speak from the inside.

,,It comes in waves, I close my eyes.
Hold my breath and let it bury me.
I'm not okay, and it's not alright.
Won't you drag the lake and bring me home again?"

,,Who will fix me now? Dive in when I'm down?
Save me from myself, don't let me drown.
Who will make me fight? Drag me out alive?
Save me from myself, don't let me drown."

,, 'Cause you know that I can't do this on my own."

,,Cut me open and tell me what's inside
Diagnose me 'cause I can’t keep wondering why
And no it's not a phase 'cause it happens all the time
Start over, check again, now tell me what you find"

Catfish and the bottlemen - Twice

Once again, nice little rock band from the united kingdom. 'Cause you know, english guys play the nicest indie rock on earth.

Paramore - Brick by boring brick

Paramore - Let the flames begin

Paramore - Feeling soorry

Here comes my all time favorite, who literally can't make one song that i don't like.
Their band has fallen apart so many times, it's not surprising why they once titled an album of their's "All we know is falling" but they are still going strong thanks to Taylor as Hayley, their love for music and friendship what makes them still going strong . The two of them write amazing lyrics that are not like any other band's, when the Farro's left i was kinda sad, cause Zack was like Flea in RHCP, the drummer never gets the attention, but his f*king talented, and i'm so glad that he's back in the back again after Jeremy decided to leave again, 'cause he's that extra flavour to Haley's perfect voice and Taylor's rhytm guitar.
So they are just super talented music loving people who i hope will never stop making music.
I'm gonna go with these three songs now, because they match this harder rock line that this post is about but as i was saying there's hardly any song of their's that you can't listen to without rocking out to it.

,,She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of a world that she's left behind
It's all about the exposure the lens I told her
The angles were all wrong now
She's ripping wings off of butterflies
Keep your feet on the ground
When your head's in the clouds"

,,If it's not real
You can't hold it in your hand
You can't feel it with your heart
And I won't believe it
But if it's true
You can see it with your eyes
Oh, even in the dark
And that's where I want to be, yeah"

,,All the best lies
They are told with fingers tied
So cross them tight"

The Subways - I want to hear what you have got to say

The Subways - Rock & roll queen

The Subways - It's a party

The first proper concert i was going to (from my own will) was a band from high school boys and they played rock covers of course, and they played a couple of song from The Subways, and i love this band ever since.
And i think you wouldn't be surprised if i told you that they are from the united kingdom as well.
Yeah, these brits are usually or maybe most of the time annoyingly handsome and talented in music as well.

,,Another day is here and I am still alive

I'll say these words aloud they speak from the inside

And every time i see you, you just walk away

Still the world is turning

I wanna hear what you, what you've got to say"

Franz Ferdinand - Take me out

If you're anything like me, you live for the song that start like this one.
When first you only hear the lead guitar, then slowly the drum and the bass comes in, god, how i love the songs that start this way, they are amazing and this is one of them. You're welcome.

The burning hotels - Stuck in the middle

This song is from one of my favourite movies, Bandslam. This song is one of the first ones from back then when i first started to listen to indie-ish rock.

Two door cinema club - What you know

Well, it's starting to be a bit ridiculous but here comes another Alex with and amazing band, sound and lyrics. Yeah, you guessed it right, from the united kingdom of great britain.
They have some really nice songs, but i chose this one 'caus it's my favourite it sounds nice and the lyrics is amazing as well.

music image

There you go, i hope you like this little selection of songs and little rambles of mine. I don't know about you, but in my opinion there's one way of deciding whether a song is a nice one or not.

You don't hear it up there, you are listening to it wih your heart.

'Cause when it starts to play, you can feel it playing on the strings, keys, and other instruments of your heart and if anyone would ask you if you had no choice but choosing from going blind or deaf,
you'd rather choose to never see anything again.