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Today i'm coming in your way with another post that contains music, and not just any music, i'm going to share the best and most euphoric live and movie performances that you should see and hear at least once in your life.
I'm sure you have those things and moments in your life after which you said, man, i'm so happy and thankful to be alive and experience this beauty.
Now, these are some of the ones because of which i'm saying that i'm thankful that i got this chance to live, 'cause we, humans, destroy most things that are in front of us; each other as well, but there's no other living, breathing thing on this planet earth that is able to create such brilliant things because of which it is safe to say:
I'm grateful for being a human, i'm grateful i can live this life.
And i know not most people are thinking this way, becasue we are all different, we like different things, we find joy in different stuff but i think only ART can break and build your soul up all in once.
Well, ladies and gents, without any further do here are the contestants, hope you will find as much joy in them as i.

Bring Me The Horizon - Drown (live from Royal Albert Hall)

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Bring Me The Horizon - Avalanche - Live at Royal Albert Hall

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Well, Bring Me The Horizon, isn't the typical band everyone would listen to, but one thing you might know or not, that rock music has a lot more depth in it than most people would expect.
Most people think about it in the old way, like, some long haired boys get some guitars and start to play in the garage to be cool, and get laid, than get drunk and high all the time.
Yes, on one hand it is that rock and roll feeling, it's a lifestyle, but on the other hand, nowadays there's fewer bands doing that, because music is not about getting high and be cool. It's self expression. It's therapy for the soul.
Rock is all about feelings. Love, hate, anger, forgiveness, etc.
It's not just about hot guitar solos, handsome frontmen and screaming girls.
These songs have lot more depth, the lyrics has something to say and it's sure that most of the time it's played with real instruments and not with any kind of musical machines.(yeah, you can guess that i don't really like house music.)
The frontman, Oli, did suffered with drug problems but he finally got help, and got over it, and as i said it in the previous post, he started to sound like an angel.
He, himself said: ,,When I got out of that rehab, I didn’t wanna fucking scream anymore; I wanted to sing it through the rooftops."
Well, these songs are the evidence that he did, the songs themselves are just amazing in every way, but they took it to another level, and played it in an amazing venue, in the Royal Albert Hall, and yes, with the help of a symphonics band in Aid of Teenage Cancer trust.

Liam Gallagher and Coldplay - Live forever - One love Manchester

liam gallagher, noel gallagher, and oasis image Image by 承

Yes, one of the Gallagher brothers showed up, he flew there staright from Germany from a concert, when tragedy happened in their hometown., to support this amazing cause Ariana Grande did.
I watched this concert live, on youtube when they aired it and it was wonderful. I wrote down my thoughts on it that time, and i may insert it here later, because it was legendary.
The strength in that young girl after such a tragedy, is exemplary, she, her band and her fans didn't deserved to go through this, and no one deserves to die that way.
But long story short, i think the ones who watched it live, witnessed a musical history and the real face of showing humanity.
This Oasis song was just the perfect choice; the lyrics is amazing and as one of the comments said it under the clip: ,,It's like, the baddest men in music, sounding like a nightingale."

Ebony Williams Solo Show - Phenomenal Woman

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Well, whether you would believe it or not, this dance number to a poem comes straight from a Beyonce concert.
Yep, there's a reason why we call her the Queen Bey.
The poem, which is called Phenomenal Woman is by Maya Angelou, and it's just beautiful.
Ladies and gentlemen, this performance really shows that women shouldn't just stay at home, cooking and playing with the kids,
because they are equally talented, and smart and strong as men.
And you can also check out the whole concert, where this number was seen 'cause there are some crazily creative and enjoyable moments in it.

My Chemical Romance - SingItForJapan

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Yes, another amazing rock band. Once, someone said that Gerard can't even sing he's just shouting, well that person was definately deaf or at least had some problem with his ears.
This is their song called Sing.
,,Moved by the terrible tragedy in Japan, and inspired by our fans, we set to work on SingitforJapan."
After a terrible tragedy in Japan, they changed the sound of the song and all of the proceeds of the sale of this recording went to Red Cross to help the people in Japan.
The song in it's original form is so emotional but in this form. Incredible sound, incredible people, incredible hearts.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the bridge - Live Lollapalooza Chicago 2016

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Once again, equally sad and beautiful lyrics and sound. These guys just can't go wrong with anything.
And what makes this performance so special, and shows the power of music?
Check it out yourself, 'cause not only your soul will be warmed up but your faith in humanity will grow back again as well.

Paramore - Let the flames begin - Radio 1's Big Weekend 2013

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Paramore - In the mourning/Landslide cover - Live in Orlando

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One band, two concerts, two songs, two sound, two lyrics, two emotions.
I don't think i'll have to explain after hearing these two amazing performances why i love this band so much. They are the ones in whom you will definately not be disappointed if you go watch them live.
Hayley is mostly known for her extreme haircolours but she's a lot more than that.
You can see one person on stage putting her heart out there in two diffrent ways, showing two different forms of her, which are both amazing, two different act full of emotions, which are both human and both okay.
And if i had to describe her, i would say that she's one of the most talented frontwomen who was ever alive and a really charismatic little energybomb. Oh, and her style is everything.
And a newer one to these oldies, 'cause you cannot unhear and unsee this one either. It's so beautiful.

Paramore - Last hope - live

band, hope, and music image Lyrics, paramore, and pain image

Reignwolf - Hardcore - Soundcheck scene from the series Roadies

reignwolf image gif, roadies, and imogen poots image

Halsey - Hold me down - On the series Roadies

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Last year i was out of good series to watch. I wanted something in which there's some music and soul and is funny but has that something in it.
And i found it. It's called Roadies.
As its' title says it's about roadies, because of whom concerts exist. They are the ones, who make a venue come alive.
Amazing cast, amazing humor, and amazing music.
When i saw this scene of the series i was like, how i never knew this man exists.
Reignwolf, is rock music himself. He was born to be a rocker. You have to check this guy out, especially his live performances, he's amazing.

The other artist is called Halsey, you might now her by now.
When i first heard her in the radio i was like okay, i don't like this. Her music is a bit weak.
Then i saw this scene.
Heard this song. Heard that lyrics, and yes, as i wrote it in my prev. post, the strings on my heart started to play.

Ed Sheeran - "You need me, I don't need you" captured in the Live room

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Ed Sheeran - Give me love captured in the Live room

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Ladies and gents, Ed Sheeran. This man was born to play.
I have never seen such a pure talent as him, i may take a chance and say that he's music himself, it's in his veins.
I don't really have anything to add, you go and check it out yourself.

Jack Garratt - Water - from the movie, To the bone

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I wrote about this movie before, and this song as well, but i had to write about it again 'cause that time i was just talking about the sound, now i'm talking about the visuals as well.
I don't know who dreamed this scene but he/she was a f***king genius, and the cast is amazing as well.
It's just pure perfection.
As Keanu Reeves answered to the question what it is:

Rudderless - Stay with you - from the movie Rudderless

Anton Yelchin, movie, and band image

Yes, as you can tell slowly all the songs from the movies i mentioned before are starting to appear, but they worth witnessing.
This one is as you can tell from the movie, rudderless, and as i told you this song, and this scene will raise your soul to different heights.
Oh, and don't mind that beautiful european language in the begining of this clip, i chose this link simply because there wasn't any other.
Billy Crudup and Anton Yelchin is just perfection in this movie, their act and their voices are just heavenly.
I'm so sorry, that we can't see Anton anymore, he was a really talented guy, his work and voice will live on forever, may he rest in peace.

Rihanna & Bruno Mars & Sting & The Marley brothers - Could you be loved - Tribute - Grammy Awards

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Black people always had music and the moves in their veins.
I always thought it's God's atonement in return for their sufferings.
Because it really is in their veins. The way they can move, sing and play instruments; there's rhythm in every little cell of their bodies'.
So withouth any further ramble, here's an amazing tribute to the legendary Bob Marley.

Keira Knightley - Tell me if you wanna go home - from the movie Begin Again

begin again, mark ruffalo, and movie image

Well, firstly, if you haven't seen this movie, go, sit your ass down in front of your tv or computer and watch it because it's one of the best musical comedy-drama i've seen in years.
We don't get such good movies now, as a couple of years ago, so we have to appriciate these pearls we do get every now and then.
If you would have told me that Keira Knightley wasn't just a pretty actress in Love, actually, and in the Pirates of the Caribbean but can actually sing like this. I wouldn't believe you.
And this movie makes me nostalgic as well, because we watched this on media class back in high school which was one of my favourite classes; one time our teacher was like, kids, there's this movie i saw the other day and i was like, we deserve to watch something nice, so she took this movie with her and we watched it. And i had the best time ever.
I will never forget what she said, because i agreed with her so much.
You should always watch movies with the original language, because dubbed films are shit.
And she was right. So take this advice kids, and never watch them that way.
So, what i'm tryna say is that this movie contains some real feelings and real good songs, so go and check it out. Oh, and Mark Ruffalo, he is amazing as alaways.

Beyonce - At last - from the movie Cadillac Records

Hot, sing, and at last image

And just like the title says, at last, i'm gonna share this beautiful song with you, in the performance of the one and only, Queen Bey.
It's originally by Etta James, but i prefer the way Beyonce sings it.
Her voice is mesmerizing, there's no wonder why the previous president of the USA decided to let her perform this at his and Mrs. Obama's 2009 Inaugural Ball dance.
Oh, and we shouldn't forget about the movie neither, it has some amazing covers from the 40's to the 60's music.

I hope you liked the clips i shared with you and have/had a nice day.
I'll see you next time.

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