I wrote this article almost a year ago, and I actually published it on my wordpress blog. But then I forgot about it, until this week, when browsing my bookmarks I found it.

I hope it will help some of you, because after writing it, it helped me realizing I'm perfect just the way I am.
(Sorry for the little mistakes you may find in the text below. I'm trying my best to improve my English skills.)

Listening to DNCE - Toothbrush, I was really thinking about how proud I am that they did the music video with a curvy girl. I always considered myself a curvy person (even if I wasn't. I was between curvy and skinny.), who was trying so hard to fit in. I remember, I had times, when I was really upset, angry, then just sad. Even if my friends and family said, I am perfect just the way I am, I didn't believe them. Because, let's be honest, society actually wants us to be perfect. To have a body without scratch marks, without a little belly. To have a face without wrinkles, without pimples, or circles under our eyes. They want us to be happy even when we are feeling low, when all we want to do is just laying in our bed and listening to sad music, or even crying.

Crying is good. Is helping us in an emotional way.

But, we are human, and we are not going to be perfect ever. Even if sometimes it's hard to believe, but those things makes us special.

If after a birth you won't have that dream body you had before, who cares? You have a family who loves you, you have friends, who are near you, and you have a child who will love you with all of your imperfections.
You failed at your new diet? Who cares? If you're feeling confident in your body, you need no diet. Don't try to be something or someone you're not. It's gonna kill you day by day. Instead of that, be yourself, show the world that you worth it, you are strong, you're going to make it.
Head up, and smile!