To be honest with you, I never had the best gut feeling when it came to boys. In the past I always convinced myself I found the one - when it really had been an average Joe you can find at every corner of our city – and I always gave them more credit than they deserved. I don’t want to be mean or anything, but let’s just say those boys weren’t really the greatest thing since sliced bread to say the least. So, to be sure I don’t have to kiss anymore frogs (i.e. let any fuckboys ruin my life, as the kids say) I wrote a list in my journal at the beginning of this year of some things the next one should better provide as a reminder for my weak little heart:

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#1: A sense of humour

Making me laugh will always make me like you. I just need someone who I can laugh my butt off at any serious gathering (probably at no funeral though, that’s where I draw the line, but maybe after it if appropriate). That’s what most of the boys in my past all had in common, since it’s something you mostly notice at the early stages of a relationship – but it’s an essential for me nonetheless. And having inside jokes is just the best, amirite?

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#2: Family:

If you want to mingle with my pringle (and other sentences I will regret if anyone I know reads them) you gotta accept that you will never be more important to me than my family is. I’ll never be able to put into words how much my little sisters mean to me, or how much I adore my mum and dad. And if you happen to be family orientated yourself, then bonus points for you mister.

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#3: A kind heart:

As simple as that sounds, it sometimes isn’t. Because you can’t fake being caring and kind all the time. That’s where most of the former contestants failed miserably in the past. Being inconsiderate, bitter, someone who likes playing games or you just don’t care about your actions won’t get you anywhere with me. And please, for the love of Oprah, don't pretend to be a tough guy or treat my differently when you're guys around - that's just plain ridiculous and [...]

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