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As you can tell from the title this post is going to be about quite a sensitive topic therefore keep that in mind that i'm not a counselor neither a psychologist, so the things i'm going to write are based on my opinion and my own experiences.
Mental health is something that is pretty important to take care of but somehow we manage to forget that it's as important as physical health because when you're mentally and emotionally not okay you won't be okay physically neither.
There are several stuff that can cause you trauma in your life and not everyone has the same experiences and the same therapy doesn't work for everybody. But the one thing you shouldn't procrastinate when you realised that you need help is to find someone and something to help you go through whatever you are having hard times with.
I could but i won't ramble on, maybe in a later post but this one is about some of my favourite movies in witch the topic is mental health and i'm gonna share with you what i've learned from them, my thoughts on the topic, unwritten facts and ramble about stuff and the soundtracks as well because you know the key to a good movie is the score and the soundtrack.
I know, i know, it doesn't matter how nicely a movie is scored and soundtracked if the plot and all that jazz is shit, but i think without music they wouldn't be that enjoyable because it's like seasoning food, you sprinkle things on your food to make it taste more delicious and you do the same with movies, you add some awesome music to it and it gives them that exra flavour that it needs to bring out all the emotions even more.

It's kind of a funny story

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I'm pretty sure you've heard about this movie before but if not go ahead and watch it then come back because this post contains major spoiler about the movies.
It's about a guy called Craig who is under the pressure of growing up. The recipe of teenage depression isn't the same for everyone, in his case it looks something like this: Get an ambitious teenage kid, throw him in a school where he can get the best education, put extra pressure on him because of the future, add some friends and girls as well, oh, and don't forget about the parents act neither, mix all things together in an overloaded mind and it's ready. The end result is clinical depression with suicidal tendency.
Craig goes to a hospital and gets himself admitted, where he gets to the adult psychiatric floor because of a renovation. He has to stay there for a five days of inpatient.Then the story goes on with him making friends, having different kind of therapy sessions but i don't think it's my task to write down the whole plot because you should really watch the movie yourself.
So i had lots of stuff going on my mind when i watched this movie back then. It has a lot to say whether you realise it or not. You know it's not only just a teen moovie. You can watch it two ways. On one hand it really is kind of a funny story but on the other hand it has lot of depth in it. It shows that it doesn't matter how big or small your problem seems like, not everyone has to go through a heavy childhood or have addiction or have any kind of mental issues going on to feel completely hopeless and stressed out. Because sometimes people underestimate others' and even their problems because they feel guilty, they think they are not "sick" enough to get help, they feel ashamed that they feel themselves so bad when they haven't been through those and other things i mentioned. So i guess what the movie and i'm tryna say is when it comes to problems even the most innocent one can make you really sick, and the other thing, people who have stuff going on with mental health are not neccessarily crazy as people would think because of the stereotypes, the most healthy looking person can go through really hard times and you don't even notice it. And there's this thing when adults say: oh. but you're a kid, you don't have any problems. Kids are humans as well and if you know the good old Freud and agree with his work you know that things which happened to you when you were a kid can cause trauma in your further life as well.
So as they talk about it in the movie you shouldn't feel embarrased about being depressed etc. because it can casue just as many problems as much as a tooth ache, as much as a broken limb or even more.
Another thing that comes from this, is that you should watch your mouth before you say something bad to another person, when you want to hurt anyone without a reason, number one because don't be rude in gerenal, number two because you can't really know how it will affect the person itself.

- ART equals THERAPY-

Of course, not for everyone, because as i've mentioned it earlier not everthing works for everybody. But, in my opinion it really helps. Whether it's drawing, painting, music, moovies, videos, poetry, anything that goes under the category of art can help you, and i do feel like these things help. Even if it's only that they cheer you up for an hour or so, but that can be one of the happiest hours in your life.
Alright, now here comes the time when i'm gonna appriciate the soundtrack of this movie. Excellent.
I think besides the ending my favourite scene is where you can hear one of the best songs of all time from iconic musicians. It's called Under pressure and it's by Queen and David Bowie. And i have to say it would have been a big mistake to leave this song out from the movie because it basically summarizes the whole point of life and what Craig talks about. We live life under so much pressure and there are lots of things to worry about but there's something that can help maybe just temporarily but maybe permanently. Some people can handle things and life in general easier, some not, but it's okay to feel either ways.
A bit different in style and lyrics but it belongs to the soundtrack as well and i love it, is this song called Da Rockwilder from
Method Man & Redman. Moving on from music.


They can be the ones because of whom you're stressed out and they can be the ones that'll help you realize things which slowly lead to recovery, give you a helping hand when you go need it and also supporting them can help you.

- LIVE -
There are the things in life that will continue to freak you out, but it really depends on how can you handle them because your perspective on things can change if you let others to show you that. Recovery is a long way, there are ups and downs, but in the end you will realise that no matter how hard times you are going through, i know sometimes it seems like there's no hope, things are never going to get better, but experiencing life is the biggest and best thing you got, don't take it for granted and try to seize even the smallest good thing in it that will make you feel like it's worth living.

To the bone

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So this movie is a really new one, it's a Netflix original with Lily Collins in the central role, who happens to be one of my favorite actresses. It's based on the writer/director's real life experiences.
The movie is about the 20 year old Ellen who is battling with anorexia . She's done 4 times inpatient before and basically as she gets out the hospital her stepmom finds her a doctor who is known for his unconventional therapeutic manners.
It's kind of an unrealistic thing in the movie that she gets admitted as an inpatient again but to a kind of a group home for kids dealing with severe eating disorders.
I read lots of reviews on the movie and some of them said that they don't really tell anything about these illnesses it's not useful but i think it's the opposite way. Of course they don't show you everything because then it would be a documentary not a teenage drama movie so there are obviously things in it that makes it a movie not a documentary.
So once again, i'm not going to write all the spoilers down because you should check it out.
There are sentences and little scenes from which you can really see how people with eating disorders feel.


Eating disorders especially anorexia is not in every case about not liking the way you look and wanting to be thinner and thinner; it has a lot to do with perfectionism and self control.
Behind this illness there's always some kind of traumatic exprience in life, things to do with family life, school, career, hobbies and so many other things, so the list is kind of endless.
As you can see it from Ellen's case, she's a talented artist, a college dropout, her mom came out as gay and is living with another women, and Ellen's father is basically only mentioned in the movie as he can't be seen because of "being really busy with work all the time." and what puts the cherry on top is another anorexic girl took her own life away because of Ellen's art. She only did what her teachers told her: she drew what she knew: her suffering with all these stuff.


So as she says in the movie she has things under control which in her case in my opinion is that she eats enough not to die.
Read those couple of words back because the point is on that, she eats barely anything that is basically almost enough to survive but because of all those stuff around her she feels like she can't stop. Like there's no point.
When everything is falling apart and things are miserable it's good to have something under control. You feel like you have but you really don't because another thing they speak about in the movie is that the body burns muscles, organ tissues than organs themselves when there's no more fat left to burn. Scary isn't it?


When it comes to family of course you can't or you rather don't want to tell them that they are one of the reasons you act how you act like because you don't want to feel even shittier and more of a burden when you already feel like one.
There's this sentence in the movie which is really true ,, I'm sorry i'm not a person anymore. I'm a problem."
People with problems that affects their loved ones everyday life it really makes them feel like they're not a person anymore but a problem; whick makes them feel even more shittier especially because they want to but can't stop those things because of what they act like that.


On the road of recovery there are lots of ups and downs and by lots i mean they are not only daily because in one hour you feel totally awesome then you feel completely hopeless in the other one. And it's the same with weeks, months and years as well. It's an emotional rollercoaster.
In the movie they are not overdoing showing the physical effects of eating disorders but for ex. you can see that Luke's knee is f*cked up and can't dance anymore.


Another thing that is really important is to find something that makes you happy, that makes making an effort easier, that will make you want to live for, whether it is a person, a hobby, anything. You need to find things and make a list. Anything can be on it even the stupidest little thing can make you feel like there's something that worth fighting for, but that voice, just like in the movie will always be there to try to scare you off of things but as Keanu Reeves's charming character said it in the movie : ,, I want to you tell it to f*ck off".


You can get help and support but no one's gonna save you until you start to do things yourself. Because no one can eat and do things instead of you to make you healthy and better. Change won't happen until you change things in your mind. Once again it doesn't work magically. It can take weeks, months, or even years until you realise but the sooner the better because unfortunately there are some cases when it's too late.
So you have to find something to live for.
Your therapist won't be the one who's gonna save you and fight instead of you. He can point you to the right direction but can't live instead of you.


They seem to put the nicest and most inpiring songs in these kind of films.
One of the songs is called False Jeopardy from The Kickback and there's always one song in movies that is oh, so perfectly fits into the plot and in this case it's Water by Jack Garratt.
The scene when it's played. You have to see it and listen to it yourself. It's amazing. Excellent choice.


So until you find something that could make your life worth living for you can't really recover from anything.

Long way down

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It's the kind of movie that i could watch anytime. It's a book adaptation and I naivly thought it will be nice to read the book after watching the movie. And let me tell you, it was a mistake.
Again, I read lots of reviews and pretty much of them were kinda depressing to read. I love this movie so much and people seem to love the book and hate the movie. But you know what, there isn't two same people on earth. But in my opinion it's the best British black comedy i've seen.
The plot isn't really complicated, but the characters and the actor's performance the scenery and the music what makes it an amazing piece of art.
It's about four people. Martin Sharp, failed television Tv personality; Jess, politician's daughter; Maureen, mother of a permanently ill child and J.J., ex band member, pizza boy.
They meet on New Year's Eve on the top of the Topper building. Yeah, as you can guess they didn't go there throw a party. Each of them wanted to commit suicide but the ended up stopping each other and made a pact, that neither of them will kill themselves before Valentine's day. They end up on a Tv show, they go on a vacation together, so they become kind of a strange family. Then there comes Valentine's day, and they end up on the tower again but now J.J is the only one who feels like there's nothing to live for. But, the others go up as well and dissuade him. The ending? It's once again, the best part.


212 by Azealia Banks ft. Jef Martens
Youth by Daughter


See, the thing is when you are young, your parents will tell you that you shouldn't talk to strangers because you never know their intentions. It's the same when you are an adult, you don't know who you can trust but it doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to people.Lol.
So strangers can become your friends and can actually be the one's who can dissuade you from the top of a tower or help you when you need it.
So basically, sometimes it only depends on whether you find the right people in life or not, because you do need other's in your life whether you agree in everything or not. That's not always the point. It is that you care for each other.

To write love on her arms

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This movie is based on a true story, so it's a biographical drama. This isn't a light friday night movie, as the topic is really heavy:
drug addiction, depression, self-harm. And you can guess that it didn't came from nothing.
Renee finally realizes that she needs to do something if she wants to live and that's when she met Mckenna, who took her to rehab but they didn't admit her as she had a huge open wound and drugs still in her system so he took her to his house and she was there for a five day detox until she's clean, has no new scars and ready to go start rehab.
In his home she meets Tworkowski who will write an article about her. Then the story goes on and i love it that the film didn't have a perfect happy ending and they kept everything realistic.

- Addiction -
It is the kind of mental condition that you can't really get over alone. You need other's help, professionals help and again you have to find something that is that important to you for what you will try to stop yourself from being addicted to that something.

- Truth -
One of the biggest truth you can hear from the movie is that secrets make you sick. You feel like there are things that are not for everyone or not even your friends, but if they don't know about your stuff whatever is it they will blame you for acting like how you act because they don't know why you do that. Obviously there are the people you can trust and the people you cannot trust with everything but if you do have the ones you can trust you should tell them, because they will only understand and maybe can you.

- ,, I think Adam and Eve is the truest story i've ever heard. 'Cause things are perfect and then you ruin them."-

It is one of the quotes of all time that i agree with but i'm gonna say that whether if it's true or not, you shouldn't feel guilt. You shouldn't feel guilt for screwing things up, for not succeding in something cause that will cause even more which will lead to a really heavy depression and self hate.

In the movie and in Renee's life music has a big role. She's passionate about music and it's one of the things with the help of which she can escape from all the shit around her and feel good.
There are some really nice song in this movie.
One of my all time favorite song is in it as well, Akidagain by Travie Mccoy. That boy knows music and he, himself went through some hard times with drug addiction as well. And i just love his lyrics and music and his band's music as well, so if you want something nice to listen to you can check out Gym class heroes. They are awesome. Anyways, the lyrics of this songs fits perfectly to the start of the movie, again, great choice.
Billy the kid by flint eastwood. It's played in the scene where she
meets Tworkowski. And i found this song through the movie, and
i love it since then.
Scientist, originally by Coldplay but in the movie you can hear a
cover of it from one of Renee's friends. It is just another level. That
scene, the lyrics, his voice. Amazing, it's gonna make you really
So as i've told you i really love the ending as they kept things realistic, because recovery as i've said won't happen and just stay like that forever it's something you have to work on constantly 'cause it only works that way.


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This movie is an emotional rollercoaster. It goes up and down but the timing to it is perfect. There's everything in it what makes a good one, it really is an outstanding movie you don't want to miss out on. Billy Crudup gives an outstanding performance playing the central role. Anton Yelchin (rip) is amazing as always and all of the actors were chosen right to the roles.
I don't really want to give the whole story away so i'm not going to write that much about the plot again because as i've told you a hundred times, go see the movie than come back and read this post. Because i can tell you the plot but it's not the same but i'm gonna summarize it a bit just like i did before.
So there's Josh a college student, talented hobby musician, son of a workaholic dad, and we don't really know that much from the movie but from the songs that he was depressed and what i can tell is surely pissed off with people around him. So one day there was a shooting in the college, which we later see that it was Josh who killed himself and some other students as well on the day he was supposed to meet up with his dad.
Then basically the whole movie is mainly about Sam's way of mourning his son. He gives up his old successfull career as he was followed everywhere by the media after the incident. And he becomes an alcoholic, so basically he tried to numb his feelings with which he wasn't able to cope with and he moved to a boat from his house so basically he was hiding from his problems.
His mom was dealing better with the things, and when she was ready she wanted to get rid of Josh's stuff, his musical things, cd's guitars, speaker etc.
And this is where the movie takes another direction. He finds his son's songs and one day he plays one of them in the local pub where he goes to drink. There's where Quentin a young musician's attention is caught by his moving performance. And oh, i don't want to spoil the movie before you watch it but it's so good that i could write down the whole plot.
So they start to play music together, and he doesn't tell Quentin that the songs are not written by him but his son but later the truth will come to light by Kate, Josh's ex girlfriend. So in the movie Sam tries to help Quentin who is a shy but talented guy who went through hard times himself as well. Basically it's like he tries to do good to him like he could have done it with his son.
So they vice versa help each other. He needed a "father" an he needed a "son", they got it and it helped both of them. And that's it. Go watch the movie, from all of the films that i've written about this is the one that covers a heavy topic but meanwhile it lifts your soul through music to different heights and it really is an emotional roller coaster, it will make you wanna cry, it will cheer you up, it will make you feel inspired.


The death of a loved one is always hard. But all of us copes with it in a different way. Some people get over it easier, but in some people it lefts scars for a lifetime.
What lots of people need is space, they want to hide away from the world, hide away from everything, and it's okay to feel that way for a short period of time but you can't hide forever you will have to face other people you will have to realize that the world goes on and your loved one wouldn't want you to feel like that for forever.


Here's some truth of how people act, feel, etc. when day have some depressive stuff to deal with.
- When you feel like shit you don't care about your appearance, how you act, what you do, basically you are not intererested in anything that could actually make you feel better.
- Hiding makes things easier but not on the long go
- Sometimes giving other's a helping hand will help you to get better.
- You don't neccessarily need someone to help you and be next to you all the time sometimes all you need is a little push, a direction to the right path and then you are going to be alright on your own.
As i've already told you one of the main things that encompass the movie is music.
I can only just repeat myself, music is therapy. It always was, always will be. It brings people together, with it you can express yourself and show your feelings or get through your feelings with the help of it.
The soundtrack of this movie is..well, top-notch. The performances are outstanding, the lyrics, they are really expressive and emotional. I can only praise it. There's no other movie like this. I've seen lots of movies in which music was the main thing in the plot but this one, it's flawless.
One of my favorite songs from the movie is called Stay with you. That scene where they play it on stage, man, that is the song that will make you feel more alive that you've ever been.

Alright, that's it. Well it didn't turned out how imagined it when i started to write, but i guess all of us have been there, we started something, we knew what we wanted and it turned out differently, but difference doesn't mean that it's not good.
I hope you like this post and will enjoy the movies and maybe learn some stuff, may agree with some of my opinions and thoughts share yours if you feel like it and i will see you next time.
Have a wonderful day or night, whenever you are reading this, and remember that you are unique, precious and there's nothing that should make you feel the opposite way but if something does, and makes you hopeless seek for help because you deserve to be happy and deserved to be loved not only by others but by yourself as well.

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COverimage by Olga Leticia on unsplash.