I see posts all the time about decorating and cleaning your room everywhere so I guess i'll make one!! this will be pretty much how to make your room feel clean and and new and i'll give you a few different ways to decorate!

before you start

the first thing you're going to be doing is some cleaning, which might be really difficult, especially if you get distracted easily . figure out what is going to help you and whats going to distract you, for example music can be really distracting for some people. put away any electronics, tell your parent/sibling/room mate etc. to keep it from you if you need. use things to help motivate you and definitely take breaks but limit them!

part one: cleaning your room

ok, this step might take you a while depending really on who you are. hopefully your a very organized person with lots of energy and motivation because it will make it a lot easier. if you're not that's okay, neither am I.

another quick thing do not put things on your bed things like clothes or things that don't have anywhere to go, find somewhere for them to go where they won't be pushed off your bed and create a ton of mess

alright first things first if you have any dirty clothes or clothes on your floor put them in the wash!! as well as all your bed sheets/pillows etc. you'll probably have to do several loads. once clean clothes come out of the dryer put them away! once clean bedding is done make your bed! I know for a lot of people the majority of the mess on their floor is clothing so this could easily make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your room.

while you're doing laundry pick up any garbage and throw it away, recycle anything you can!! have separate places to put loose papers, pens and pencils etc. that don't have a place yet so you can sort through them later.

while you're at it get rid of anything you don't need!! if you have any old clothes or anything you don't need anymore get rid of it donate it to a thrift store or give it to a friend. really think about it, do you actually use/wear it? you don't need to keep every sentimental thing either!! have a little box for special letters, photos, things that hold special memories but limit it to that. (you could even use these things to make a scrapbook later!!)

find a place for everything, don't worry about decorating or rearranging, you can move things around later. if you're getting rid of furniture take things out of it and find somewhere else for it to go, even if you're going to be replacing the old furniture with new furniture later.

next step is actual cleaning with soap and water. if you have carpet, vacuum. cleaning off every surface with a cloth and some warm water with a tiny bit of mild dish soap works just fine for cleaning everything off. open your window!!

once everything is clean and neatly organized you can move on to decorating!!

part two: