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If in the winter after the first snow fell you run for the thousandth time to review "One at home", then the standard "set" of autumn - "Sweet November", "Autumn in New York" and "House by the Lake".

And although you already know every minute where Charlize Theron waved his fluffy eyelashes and told Keanu: "Nelson, be my November ...", it only adds value to the film, because in all these years the characters have become like your family.

Yes, yes, many girls are reconsidering this tape since 10 years. Guys are easier - they are doomed to re-view only at the dawn of a new relationship: later you can always leave, leaving your favorite pail with ice cream and a box of napkins.


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With the advent of cooling, baristas refine themselves and introduce into the map of drinks the dubious fruits of their imagination. Such a "revelation" a few years ago was a pumpkin latte in Starbucks - it was publicized loudly, waited a long time, and the muck was rare all in vain. Then they agreed unanimously: the place for such a latte is in instagram! Next to the yellow leaf put, yes the little book that everything is transient, and still sign: "Mmm, what a gourmet pumpkin latte!".


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Where without her, dear? Here you can clearly trace the gradation of the man's passion in the fall. Photo-maniacs, for example, spread on their pages in social networks dozens of "most successful" shots - and suddenly, over the previous five, someone will not notice how sad I look at the sky, lying on the leaves in the park?

"Pomirkovany" amateur photographers will simply meet you in the tape every two days - here I throw up the leaves and giggle, there I sit under the fallen maple tree in the lotus position, and here I coquettishly cover half the face with a chestnut leaf. And very much the ascetics will please, unless, a new avatar.


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- Such a wonderful holiday - just like our masquerade, just ugly, - says my sweet seventy-year-old neighbor. And it is true that we can not name it differently, because if in childhood all these pumpkins with burning eyes and the demand for sweets seemed to us a fascinating American game, today it is rather a costumed drinking party. Therefore, it is still unclear what is better - to go somewhere to scramble in the costume of the Little Red Riding Hood, or under popcorn to reconsider the houses of the good old "Scream".


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To the end it is not clear why our technology generation still sometimes goes to the forest for mushrooms (and there it also makes a photo shoot in the leaves - see above). Either this passion came to us along with the Soviet legacy, or the call of the earth tears off the screen of the macbook, or nerves rest, while we dig through the leaves in search of itch (you also doubt your knowledge of the mushroom picker?). The main thing is not to forget to take pictures and lay out your "catch". Or not your own - what's the difference? As my mother said: "It was called a mushroom - go into the bag".