Heartbreak is not meant to be dealt with. It is an atomic bomb. It is emotional Hiroshima. For all of us who have been there, there are two possible roads (mostly): either you enter a state of deep self-loathing, or want to pour gasoline over your ex-partner and watch him burn- which will probably lead you to the previous option. So this is ammunition to fight both feelings.
First of all, watch your thoughts. They usually adapt a verbalized manner, which adds gas to the fire. These thoughts include: “Why am I never enough?” or, “Will someone ever love me again?” or even, “Will I ever get over this?”. You probably know these answers, as you may have already experienced a handful of heartbreaks. You are enough; it is never a matter of yourself but the other person involved. It is the Latin American cliché: it is not you, it is me. Remember that your worth does not decrease because of someone’s inability to value it, and that you were beautiful before he ever told you that you were. Also remember, there is nothing wrong with someone not liking you; you are not a golden coin. If there are people who don’t like Nutella, there will certainly be people who don’t like you. Accept the fact that you are not for everyone and that doesn't mean you "suck".

Second (and I realize it is idiotic of me to say this as I know it is easier said than done), remember that when one door closes another one opens. Whatever or whoever you believe in, you have to trust that there is a Divine process much bigger than us. Maybe this is your Higher Self’s way of telling you that this [relationship] isn’t where you’re supposed to be at the moment. Maybe this is God telling you that He has better plans for you. Think of it as protection. Remember that this will all pass. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not in a year, but eventually, and the longer you fight your feelings the longer it will take. To make this part easier, here are a few things that have worked for me.
1. Binge-watch That 70’s Show/ Brooklyn 99/New Girl
2. Follow Rupi Kaur’s to do list (after the breakup)
3. After an acceptable amount of time, force yourself out of bed.
5. Exercise. Exercise so much. Exercise until you’re happy again.

So don't fight it. Make love to the uncomfortable. Remember that you will come out of this and be stronger. Remember that everything is either a blessing or a lesson. Remember that it will all be over, and soon enough you will be able to think about something else than him. Soon, you will be happier than you ever were with him. Soon, you will go through an entire day without wanting to hug him. And then it will be a week. And then a month. And then a year. And then 10 years from now you will only remember there was once this boy who broke your heart but made you better.