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When it comes to fashion we tend to lose ourselves in the endless universe of different mixtures of clothes and accessories (and let's not forget about the makeup too).

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But that's not neccessarily bad. I mean who can judge you for the way you dress? In the new era of being non judgemental, anyone can do whatever they want especially when it comes to fashion. Harajuku has existed for so many years already and it is the perfect example for being free from the norms.

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As for the other part of the world, things can get a bit out of hand in other types of clothing:

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Like the emergence of such "crop" crop tops.
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or the rise of the "cleavage"
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or the sudden trendiness of roses
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that go with basically everything

But even with the looming of a new and very interesting era of more and more open minded people there are still countries in which such actions are considered "frivolous" and "unacceptable".

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