hey there humans, my name is mariana and i've decided that i'm going to just introduce myself because i have a lot of followers and i really wanted to say hi to the really cool people that are here and inspire me and others.
i don't even know what you guys follow me, thank you, but that's not the point.
well, my name is mariana, and i'm 15 years old (my birthday is on june and im a gemini). i consider it kind of obvious but i'm bisexual, currently i have a boyfriend but he's been kind of an asshole lately so i don't know what's gonna happen with us, but let's not talk about him.
i've been on whi for ages, a few months ago i used it everyday but now i'm in high school and i don't have time for anything anymore, that's a shame. so yeah, if you see this and want to talk, send a message, if you need help with something, i'm always here, im really good with giving advice.
take care, hope someone reads this, all the love xx -m