Hello there, today in the 30-day challenge we have a topic that talks about what we fear, in order to get to know each other better. So if you have any fear to share you can send a postcard and I'll reply as soon as I can or feel free to start the challenge too, which ill link right here http://weheartit.com/articles/296095319-30-day-get-to-know-me-challenge

Here we go:

  • What people think about me: I'm not really sure why this simple thing became a fear, but I can say its horrible. I can't-do anything without starting to wonder if it's good or bad because what people will think of me. The early starts of this "problem" were in high school. I remember being so ignored by everyone and I used to be a person who had a lot of friends, but when I changed schools everything was different. People wouldn't talk to me and I felt so bad that I had to actually change myself, I lost myself and I started to copy those people, what they did, how they talked, until I was accepted again, but it made me lose myself, and after that I've been so damn insecure, I can't help but always wonder what others will say, if I'm pleasing them or not. At the end I can say, never ever change who you are just to fit, let people find you, there's always at least one person willing to be with you, but if you let yourself down then its really hard to take your path again.
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  • Die without haven't achieved my goals: I think this fear is pretty common, like, anyone wants to die without being really successful or at least without doing what you like but I think it's a really big fear, because I haven't done so much through my teen years, so, sometimes I feel like one day I'm not gonna wake up, and I might not feel it, but who knows, maybe ill be a ghost walking in the earth without really dying because I never did what I felt. What scares me is to die and not have experienced, anything to tell, no good stories to share, own stories, not the ones I write. So as advice, please girls, do whatever you feel in the moment you feel it, trust me, you'll regret more the chances you didn't take, that's so damn true.
  • Not choosing the right major: There are some days when I feel like I took the best decision about studying graphic design, but some other days I can't help but wonder if I'm in the right place. I feel like I have so many interests that this career just doesn't fit them all, I want to learn, photography, filmmaking, editing, narrative, business, finances and so many things, does this only happen to me? Cause when I'm thinking I feel bad, I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't know what she wants because everyone seems so sure about what they want with their lives. And I'm only sure of three things: I'm not gonna live my life in just one place, I'm gonna travel. I will study as many majors as I need to satisfy myself, and I won't stop until I'm the best version of myself
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