My 7th birhday party

When I turned 7 my parents organized a huge birthday party and It was awesome, also that has been the only time I have had a party.

The theme was 'Disney Princesses'.

Everyone had a great time because there was a playground and a pool.

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Coffee and telenovelas

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I shared this experience with my grandmother.

She was the typical housewife that cooked and cleaned the house during the day and in the afternoon or night enjoyed watching telenovelas.

I was really closed to my grandmother and she´s the one who raised me and took care of me when I was a child and I spent my afternoons with her because my mom had to work.

Every night my grandma and I would make coffee and go to the living room to watch our telenovelas but unfortunately she died when I was 5 and since that moment I never drank coffee and watched a telenovela again until now.

A week ago I started to watch a mexican telenovela and drink coffee just like she and I used to do it, the big difference is that now I do it alone.

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When I was 8 my dad decided to take me and my 2 brothers to Disney.

First we went to Miami to meet his family and 2 days later my dad, my 2 brother,s a cousin, an aunt, an uncle and me went to Disney!!

I was really excited because all I ever wanted as a child was to go to Disney.

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I went to Disney on February which meant everything was pure love, hearts and romantic stuff everywhere.


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