Hello lovelies and heartists! ♡

I want to start off by first apologizing for being inactive for the past 2 weeks or so. And to announce that I will be taking a hiatus because of school. I'm not sure for how long but it won't take too long~ Communication wise I will still be available to talk with you all in here but posting wise I will be inactive till end of hiatus. Thank you for reading ♡

✩My September playlist (30 tracks)✩ || ❊This is random order, not on how much I like the song❊

1- "Intro : Serendipity" by BTS

2- "DNA" by BTS

3- "Best Of Me" by BTS

4- "Dimple/Illegirl/보조개" by BTS

5- "Pied Piper" by BTS

6- "Mic Drop" by BTS

7- "Go Go/고민보다 Go) by BTS

8- "Outro : Her" by BTS

❀I rarely like a whole album but I honestly loved all of this album (Love Yourself 承 Her) from first song to last.❀

9- "Baby Don't Play" by Wonder Girls

10- "Candle" by Wonder Girls

11- "I Feel You" by Wonder Girls

12- "Rewind" by Wonder Girls

13- "Loved" by Wonder Girls

14- "John Doe" by Wonder Girls

15- "One Black Night" by Wonder Girls

16- "Gone/없어" by Wonder Girls

17- "Remember/이 순간" by Wonder Girls

❀Another album (REBOOT) that I loved almost all of it's songs, there are still 3 more tracks I didn't include but only because it didn't fit with my taste. But all the songs are gold. What I loved the most about this album is the retro/80s feel it gave in all of the tracks.❀

18- "Gashina/가시나" by Sunmi

19- "Taxi" by Sunny Girls

❀Another track that I loved for the retro vibe it gave❀

20- "Remember/기억해" by 9MUSES

21- "Closer" by OH MY GIRL

22- "Don't Believe" by Berry Good

23- "Cigarette" by offonoff

24- "BABE" by Hyuna

25- "We Like" by Pristin

26- "Tina/티나" by Pristin

27- "Power" by EXO

28- "Boomerang" by EXO

29- "Sweet Lies" by EXO

30- "B.B.B" by Dalshabet