leaves, fall, and autumn image autumn, fall, and girl image

Walk around in the weather

Once the leaves start to change and the weather becomes chilly, wrap yourself up and walk around taking pictures of the trees.

autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn, fall, and coffee image

Drink some hot chocolate, apple cider, and whatever pumpkin flavored drink there is!

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Run through a corn maze like a little kid! Or go to a haunted corn maze.

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Grab a blanket and sit next to the fireplace with hot chocolate in your hand and a good book in the other

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image

Go to a pumpkin patch!

Halloween and pumpkin image fall, autumn, and pumpkin image candle, fall, and autumn image

Decorate your room with fall and Halloween decorations. Also, make sure to get loaded with different fall things, like lotion, candles, and food.

girl image target, compound bow, and bow hunting image

Go hunting for big game, like deer and elk

horse, girl, and animal image horse, girl, and animal image

Go horseback riding through the woods.

Image by ❥ Bambi

Get your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend and make a blanket fort. Fill it with pillows, blankets, snacks then spend the whole night watching Halloween and Horror movies!

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Wear sweaters and the comfiest clothes you can, even if you look like a homeless person.

Halloween, haunted, and haunted house image

Search for the best haunted houses near you for Halloween

fall, Halloween, and pumpkin image Halloween and store image

Everyone knows visiting Halloween stores is a must when it get's to fall.

Halloween, cupcake, and food image Halloween, pizza, and ghost image

Bake Halloween and Fall themed food and desserts

apples, autumn, and heart image apple, autumn, and field image

Apple picking

autumn, road, and fall image

Go out in nature by yourself or with others to have a campfire and bible study

Image by •★.•★Andrea •★.•★.

Get in the mud!