This is my first day.
Ok so i was in spotify searching for random playlist and found one call ¨Trending life¨ it´s a playlist with really great covers and i found some really amazing people but one that really get my attention was this band called Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue, No limit, and rose image

It´s a band of 3 brothers,they have being around for a long time but i never heard of them before,but now im obsses!! they are so talented!! Alejandro (the singer) sings like an Angel!! There is this song called ¨Say you won´t let go¨ and i like it yes,but when i heard their cover they made me love it!! Also their cover of ¨Closer¨ is everything!! You should really check them out they are really really good!!!

Image by Ireland

This has being my day 1,see you again for day 2.
Bye :D