Introducing myself...
My name is Maria Isabel De Souza, I'm 16 years old and I was born in Argentina the 13th of November of 2000 so I'll be turning 17 this year. Both my parents are Brazilian and we currently live in Brazil, before we lived here we were leaving in Mexico for almost 10 years my little brother was born there in 2003. I actually enjoy a lot of different things let me tell you a little bit about those...

♡ Series and Movies
Even though high school is insane and I have a lot of homework and assignments, I LOVE watching Netflix. I'm currently watching Suits, before Grey's returns, I absolutely love the drama and romance of watching Are You The One on MTV and I've watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S a thousand times. I mostly watch TV shows, but some days I enjoy watching movies for example Breakfast at Tiffany's (my all-time favorite), Harry Potter, ANYTHING with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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♡ Reading
I've always enjoyed reading and currently, I'm exploring a new side of this because I've always been a romance kind of girl but right now I have been reading mystery and I've really enjoyed the thrill of not knowing...

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♡ Coffee
Like one thing you should know about me is that coffee is my drug any kind; Starbucks, Nespresso, cappuccino, espresso, frapuccino, latte. Just give me some coffee.

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I'm no makeup guru, but I sure as hell enjoy looking nice like please who doesn't? So yes I care about my looks, I wear makeup (that looks natural) every day and no I'm not insane.

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I'm one of those persons that maybe doesn't dress up to trend, but trust me I know my fashion; store names with me, new brands with me, where to get good shoes with me, model names with me. What can I say I LOVE fashion (not as much as coffee but it's close)!

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♡My Personal Style
So I'm no fashionista but in my opinion, if you know what works for you and you've found what is your style you're a fashionista. My personal style is street chic I love skinny ripped jeans, cropped tops but the cute ones.

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I'm a gypsie myself, I've lived in three countries and I've always love traveling so my main goal in life is to see the whole world.

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♡My Collections