A few years ago I hit a very dark spot in my life, due to some horrible events.
I had every kind of problems: financial; social; medical...
I was constantly thinking I was not worth living.
"My friends don't like me. I'm not cool enough for them."; "My family isn't proud of me. I'm the black sheep."; "I feel sick every single day. I don't even work out or play any kind of sports."; "I don't have a talent, I'm not good at school."; "I'm a burden". This type of thoughts were my "everyday thoughts".
When I finally stopped eating and seeing the sun, when I almost ended my life, I decided to do these things instead:

❤ I went outside just to take a walk and to go with the wind, without any rush.
❤ I spoke with my mom about it. Because of that in school they became aware of it and helped. I read books, seen movies and people talking about similar issues. I felt I was not alone anymore: "they actually understand what I feel".
❤ I wrote everything what was going on in my mind and created a new persona. I'm currently writing a book.
❤ I started to watch really funny tv shows like "Friends", "The office", "Parks and recreation", "Seinfeld", those type of sitcoms and tv shows. I also started to follow some stand up shows and I gained a special interest in comedy. Laughing and making jokes about yourself and everything around you is the best way to deal with life (of course you also need to be conscious, but I hope you understand my point).
❤ I went to a doctor (for a check-up). I realized I was not that sick (at least physically).
❤ I started to take some vitamins to gain appetite and everyday I took some fresh air while listening to music (Bon Iver, Sleeping at last, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, Aurora, Alt-J...they are really good references). I regained my appetite. I actually love food!
❤ I don't care about social media that much. I started to use everything I want to use the way I want it to be (I realized some people love it and some other hate it, as always has been with everything and everyone else). I also stopped waiting for others to say something, to depend on another person.
❤ I stopped lying about who I am. If you don't identify with me it's ok, there's always someone who likes me (my mom...).
I just want everybody to be happy. Me included.
❤ I found a part time job. Having my own money is awesome!
❤ I learned how to appreciate little things!
❤ I moved away from the place where I didn't belong. Today I go there and I'm in peace. But my home is where I stand now.

It's not easy. But if you are reading this please try to go outside, to talk with some people. Being alone isn't bad, if you want to spend some time with yourself, do it! On the contrary, if you want to hang out with someone don't be afraid to talk with your friends- if you don't have any friends try to join some clubs (hobbies are helpful). Don't be afraid to go somewhere alone in the first place, that's not shameful!
Realize that you are a human being, it's normal feeling depressed or sad in some points of your life. Some incidents that happened belong to your past and they are on your mind to remind you how tough you are, how you were able to cross the path anyway.
Of course this was helpful to me, it can be different for you. Try to do the stuff you like, to learn or watch new things, to talk with different types of people! Be more tolerant. Be authentic. Be whatever you want to be! (well...almost whatever...not a serial killer please).

This is my advice! I'm not a specialist, I'm just sharing what I did and what I think it's helpful :)