Looking for a tv show to watch? Well you come to the right place. These are my favorite tv shows and ideas for when you are looking for another show to watch.

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~Gossip Girl

This show is my number one favorite. It's so good and each episode keeps you thinking to who gossip girl is. Lets just say I was surprise when I found out who it was.

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~One Tree Hill

Such an amazing show with incredible seasons. I laughed, cried and smile from the beginning to the end. As each season goes on you get closer with each of the characters. This show is worth watching.

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If your looking for a show that is filled with action and romance then this is your show. I literally cannot stop watching and this has to be on my top 5 list of favorite shows.

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~The office

If you want to laugh then I recommend watching the office. I finished all the seasons and I don't regret it. I laughed in pretty much every single episode and I still do when I re watch it.

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~New Girl

This show is funny and in my opinion I think the main character Jess is relatable. I would say give this show a chance and you might like it.

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I just finished the first season and I am beyond excited for the second one. This show is filled with mystery, friendship and romance. One of my favorites and a show you should not miss.

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~Stranger Things

This is a really good show on netflix that keeps you thinking. Not only is the cast talented but the writing for the show is really good. This is worth watching.

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A funny and relatable show to watch. Every character is different from each other but somehow you still manage to love each and everyone of them.

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~Pretty Little Liars

A show that keeps you wondering to who A really is. I love shows that are filled with mysteries and romance and if you do too and you should watch this show.