Hi! Hello! Hola! Salut!

My name is Mercedes and I am an Argentinian writer, poet and student. Life has been tough, but I ain't going to give up. I will be constantly fangirling, rambling about writing stuff and posting bullet journal spreads. Yeah, that would make a nice summary. I would like to tell you some fun facts about me, so, without further a-do, let's get started!

1. I talk three languages. My native language is Spanish, though I've been speaking English since Kinder 2, so I'm quite used to the language. I talk basic French, but I'm still learning the language.
2. I post some of my writings in Wattpad! My username is @colurfulmechitas. I'm sorry to tell, but I do not have stories in English available yet. Perhaps in a couple of months.
3. I love lists. They are my fascination, principally owing to the fact that I need to see stuff in order to remember it. Talking about memory...
4. I have photographic memory. I remember most of the topics of my test after I've seen my notes once or twice and I constantly remember book pages of activities or complete poems by heart.
5. I absolutely love reading, though I've been in a slump lately. I started with The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan and well, the rest is history.
6. I'm obsessed with grammar. I hate to read words wrongly spelled, though I do not know how to write decision correctly without a hint from my benchpartner.
7. I'm quite a mess. My room has papers and clothes scattered all over the place, my locker is a complete disaster and my hair is all tangled. Nevertheless, I started improving thanks to the Bullet Journal system.
8. I'm a bullet journalist. I am not totally into preety and cute drawings just as the rest of the journalers nor into minimalism. I just jump between the two of them, using the journal as a method of organization and not as a cute notebook (thouh in busy months I try to include drawings, motivational quotes and brilliant colours to help me deal with pressure.

9. My school is extremely strict and loves to kill students due to stress. Well, I'm sort of exagerating (though three quarters of my classmates do cry once a week or develop anxiety), but it is hard. Perhaps you'll read me complain about the IGCSE, the IB or even the final exams (that will be extremely time-consuming).
10. I love to tell bad puns. Like, that is one of my biggest personality hammers. I am not able of making a single decent joke, so people don't laugh when I tell them puns.
11. The stars are my confidents and the moon is my inspiration. The sun is my motivation and flowers are a courage reminder. Books are escape routs and my writings are reality-returners.

Well, I think that is enough to introduce myself! You'll read me soon in another article!!