Now a days being positive and not faking it is really hard, especially in the teenage years. Right now that's my problem. Though I decided that instead of going through the process of "reconstruction" by myself, maybe someone who reads this may feel the same as me and ride along with me on my road to recovery.

I wanna start of by saying that today I was pretty happy but it was because I decided to wake up and be happy, because happiness is an option, right?

1. Make a choice
So that's what you should do. Don't just read the quote "Happiness is a choice", but apply it to your daily life. When you wake up tomorrow I want you to splash some cold water in your face and look at yourself in the mirror and say "I choose to be happy" and put some upbeat music while you get ready for school or work. Dance along to it and be silly.

That used to be me, I used to read the quotes but not apply it to my daily life until a few days ago that I realized, what happened to me? I used to be so charismatic and so in love with life and now is like I could care less if I was mean or didn't smile at people. And I was also damaging my relationship with my boyfriend and I was like "No, this is enough, he's seeing a side of me that it's not me. He should see the real me". And that's what I did today.

2. Smile and say Hi

Be nice to people even if their not nice to you because responding with kindness can actually make people realize that they're wrong. Show people that your actually one of that small handful of people who are genuine. Be as true to yourself as possible, don't repeat and do what other people do. If people are mean to you, ignore them and don't let it hurt you because your the only one who has the power to decide if their words effect you or not.

3. Think positive

Instead of thinking about all the wrong things in life, think about the good things and those small goals you have. Go after them harder than ever and think about the possible outcomes, never the negative. Refuse to let your mind think about negative thoughts and thoughts that can bring you down because that's only making you lose yourself. Time is to precious for you to be lost, make every second count.

4. Focus on yourself

Focus on what you want and not about what others want and see you. Don't compare yourself with anybody else, everyone has their own world and reality, make your reality one that make you happy. Don't focus o what other people say or comment because their words don't matter, only your heart. Make a list of things that make you happy if it helps.

5. Don't limit yourself

Don't ever tell yourself you can't do something, period.

6. Focus on how you want to be remembered

One of the reasons why I woke up and said, "i want to be happy" is because once I graduate I want to be remembered as "the girl who was always smiling". I want to be known because of how cheerful of a person I am and how positive I can be about things because that's the kind of people we should surround ourselves with. I want to leave a mark on peoples life. Don't you?

So this are one of the thing, maybe I'll do a continuation but for now I think this is enough. Let me tell that this morning was my first day of my "back to my old self" try and I was feeling pretty good. The best thing is that I didn't force a smile.