hey there! have you ever wanted to learn how to code? whether it be html, bb, or any other type of coding? this article will contribute to be a basic guide on bb coding!

✿ text

so, obviously we all know what italic text, bold text, underlined text, and struck-through text-types are. in bb coding, the formulas are simple.
bold text: [b]insert text here[/b]

italicized text: [i]insert text here[/i]

underlined text: [u]insert text here[/u]

strikethrough text: [s]insert text here[/s]


then, there's changing the color of your text, which is simple.


changing the color of your text: [color=(insert color code here)]insert text here[/color]


and, last but not least, for the basics, changing the size of your font.


font-size changing: [size=(insert font size)]insert text here[/size]

✿ paragraphing

now, paragraphing is easy. the only formats are left, right, and center.


center paragraph: [center]insert text here[/center]

left paragraph: [left]insert text here[/left]

right paragraph: [right]insert text here[/right]

✿ adding images/videos (media)

so, you can also add images and videos to your forum post, or whatever you're using bb coding for.


adding images: [img]insert url here[/img]

adding videos: [media=insert media type (youtube, spotify, etc.,)]insert media link[/media]

✿ closing statement

so, those are the basics of bb coding! it might be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's hella easy. thanks for reading! i hope this helped someone.