hey, my names nelle and I'm from a small ass town in Ontario Canada. youre probably thinking that this 17 year old is actually planning to runaway from home, but not exactly. of course my parents will know about the plan but I call it "the runaway plan" cause I wish I could actually have the guts to take off and fly to wherever I want, and live my happily ever after. the plan is to live in L.A. I want small cute apartment close to the beach, I want to go to festivals every week, I want to go out clubbing with a new group of friends and laugh all day till the sun comes up. I just want to live. it kills me knowing that there is somewhere I could be right now with amazing people I haven't met yet. before I live in L.A I want to at least travel to Paris, India, japan, and anywhere else that comes to mind.

being stuck here makes my depression worse. its like you cant even connect with anyone because they're all stuck up and fake. people talk behind friends backs and spread rumors like crazy. there is no creativity in this town and if you where to stand out people always stare. everybody knows everyone and already has their friend group, so they don't want to meet new people. imagine going to one of the high schools here, its like hell decided to take all people who are stuck up and douche bags and place them in my school. I didn't even go to graduation or prom because of them, and I don't regret it. I'm just tired of being here. I just think its time to live now.

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plan 1: save every dime you get and try your best not to spend as much. make a stash and start collecting from there (and also work a job). GOAL: $20,000+
Image by Maddie.
plan 2: research the location you will like to stay and try to find apartments

the main problem of moving to different states by yourself or with someone is just to have the guts to do it, as it is a big step in life. I'm willing to take that step. while I'm here I want to focus on me. I want to make memories with the close people I'm very blessed to have. till the day I leave I want to restart on myself with thinking positive, eating healthy, exercising, trying something new, and loving my body I'm in.


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every Sunday night take a warm bubbly bath
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remember to take care of your skin everyday by keeping it hydrated
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try to get a good amount of sleep. fact: sleeping naked makes you wake up happier
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try your best to eat the healthiest you can everyday
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start putting your hair in healthy hairstyles and also try to put natural products in it to treat your hair. fact: leave coconut oil or coconut leave in conditioner in hair for 15-20 mins as it helps give your hair its natural oils.
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study your hardest. but also have fun with it
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party when ever you can. its okay to live for the weekends at times
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go out with your close friend(s) and make new memories
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read more often. doesn't matter what book, but I love this one. I never related more in my life to Margo Roth Spiegelman.