It is time to give some credit to those artists that are not listened to very often. There are great great bands and singers out in the world. We should give them a chance to become famous.

This playlist has some amazing songs that most of us didn't even know they exist.

Exquisite sounds for exquiste people.

børns, dopamine, and music image
Electric Love - Børns

This song will get sticked in your head like glue. I can not stop singing it whenever I listen to it.

great, music, and album image
Trustful Hands - The Dø

This is a great hit. I really enjoy the combination of sounds.

album, song, and great image
Perfect Grace - Kwamie Liv

Perfect for the moment you are driving and it starts to rain.

album, song, and goodvibes image
Lost In The Girl - Kwamie Liv

Great for a party insde you. For those moments when you feel cheerful.

album, aurora, and butterfly image
Winter Bird - Aurora

I first listened this song in a movie trailer. It fited so well with the movie and I couldn't resist to watch it. "Equals" one of my favorite movies.

album, song, and wallpaper image
Shadow - Chromatics

This song makes you feel like if you were in a joyful and vintage movie scene.

album, song, and french music image
La Robe Rouge - Granville

Paris, Paris, Paris. Is all I can think of with this song.

music, album, and marina image
Can't Pin Me Down - Marina and The Diamonds

Rebel and savage is the definition of this song's lyrics.

background, insects, and music image
Insects - The XX

Her voice tone is so perfect and soft. The notes of these song is perfect for a picnic day or a scape to the beach, or simpy for a sunny day.

album, flowers, and song image
Endtapes - The Joy Formidable

If you are a Twilight fan, you may have listened to this song.

All artists who are looking for an opportunity to shine; let's give them a chance.

Hope you guys like these songs.