So...Hey! It´s Erika!

I´ve thought of creating a blog soooo many times and now WHI offers this possibility so it is like the hint I needed to finally do it.

Today I will talk about where do I find inspiration for studying and taking notes and make this whole task easier.

1- Ask, ask, ASK!
Usually at the beginning of a school year I ask questions like:" How does this teacher prepare his/her class?, This subject requires too much time?..." to a colleague in a higher grade.

Here I find inspiration about study methods, bullet journaling, time management etc
One of my favs is Mariana´s Study Corner:

I get quite a lot of inspiration for this two apps.
They help me to take more beautiful notes and I find interesting tips etc...

I recommend you check out my collection

I hope you´ve liked this article, is the first time I do this so sorry if it has been quite messy or short :/
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