hello lovelies! ♡ thank you for taking your time to read this. so, i decided to share some things that i use to help my mood when i'm down with you guys.

♡ number one: listen to upbeat music

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yes, i know, very cliche. but in all honesty, this definitely helps me and many others. i usually listen to songs like "OMG" by Camila Cabello or "Dope" by Fifth Harmony when i'm down.

♡ number two: play or cuddle with a pet

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for those pet lovers, being near/close to your pet is usually very comforting. when i'm down, i like to curl up with my three dogs and nap with them. i usually wake up in a better mood, and with a dog's paw on my face.

♡ number three: drink coffee

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this is a weird one, but again, does help multiple people, including myself. i like to drink highly-sugared coffee when i'm in a bad mood, don't you love that warm and cozy feeling?

♡ number four: write out your feelings

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sometimes, writing out your feelings helps a ton. if you feel like no one is listening to you rant, or you feel like you're containing too many emotions, write them out. this is another form of expression and it could be very stress relieving.

♡ number five: cry it out

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this one seems like a contradiction, but sometimes it's best to just, in plain English, cry it out. it definitely isn't good to keep your emotions bottled up, and if there's nobody there to rant to, and writing your feelings out doesn't help, if you feel like you need to cry, cry. do not, under any circumstances, harm yourself, though. harming yourself causes more stress and angst, please avoid it at all costs.

♡ just a little love

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now, for a self-love rant. are you ready? probably not. self-love is extremely important. whether you believe it or not, learning to love yourself is one of the biggest confidence boosters. if you don't love yourself, i'm going to bluntly put this out there, you will make yourself miserable. being insecure is totally normal, but you still should remember to love yourself, for you are so fucking beautiful in so many ways. it can be hard to love yourself, but it is most definitely not impossible. if not once a day, then maybe once a week, look in the mirror and smile at yourself, and say "you're beautiful." that does wonders for some. you don't need to change anything about yourself, you are perfect just the way you are. that said, it's absolutely okay to want to change something about yourself. don't be afraid. it's okay to be different, because different is beautiful. don't harm yourself, don't constantly put yourself down, don't feel disgusted when you look in the mirror. i'm going to say this again, you are fucking beautiful. never for a minute let anybody tell you any different.

♡ thank yous & goodbyes

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thank you s much for reading! i hope this helped someone! ♥ have a good day, and remember; you're beautiful.