I had this one dream as kid…
…become an Olympic gymnast!

I worked some time for this goal but I couldn´t handle the pressure.

I gave up my biggest dream because my trainers, my parents and every other person thought I couldn´t do it. But this isn´t the only reason: My younger self was pushed everyday so much that I cried after each training.

Thus I quid gymnastic…
…the dream of the Olympics was always there.

I started gymnastics again after some years but they gave me up - again. My trainers didn´t trained me like the younger kids because I was “too old” to start gymnastics.

Thus I quid gymnastics the second time…
…my dream is still inside of my head.

Parts of me want to forget this dream - others want to try it:
Competing at the Olympics, not winning but competing!
Showing everyone who didn´t believed in me that´s possible!

Would it be worth the hard training, the scepticism and the high chance to fail?

I know if I don´t start now I won´t start at all!

Thanks for reading!