Drinks always bring me to the right mood.
There's plenty of beverages you can drink and every single one creates different feelings of joy. There are drinks, like alcohol, that you're drinking through the whole year, no matter the season. But lots of drinks are seasonable and here it is.


Typical for spring are definitely teas. More like herbal teas.
There're so many types of teas. Fruit tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, green tea and I could continue in repeading word tea but my NO1 is mint tea. I love it, especially in spring. In combination of facts that tea is good to drink, while is hot and mint is herbal that has cooling effect. I love when these two things come together. It always leaves my body in light, warm but still cool feeling of spring weather.

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Everybody's gonna tell you, drinking water is imortant and that you should drink...ehm...a LOT. I drink the biggest amount of water in the summer. It always cools me down and I can drink so much of it. But there's people, and even me sometimes, who don't like the taste of water. So when those times come to me, what I do is that I add few of mint leafs and little bit of juice of lemon and that's it. It's even more refreshing then clear water. Boom.

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What's better time of the year for coffee than fall? When leaves fall off of trees and morning wind smells like pure gold? That's right. There's no better time for it. Everybody likes their coffee different. With milk, without milk or with flavor, black, latte, frappuccino...lots of. You can enjoy it in bed, in coffee shop with your friends or even in the cup with you, but you always find your way to coffee, no matter what.

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Finally, the time of hot chocolate. Who doesn't like it? Hot chocolate as a reminder of Christmas. You can drink in the morning with you toast, with your lunch, with you dinner, inbetween breakfast and lunch or just freaking all the time. With cinnamon, marshmallows, cream or everything at once. What's better then that on Christmas time?

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Thank you for reading! I appreciate it a lot.

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With love

My midnight self.