Know these places where my eyes are shiny? They call me
And no one sees, how much it means
If the wind in my hair and my barefeet can guide me
One day I'll know, if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go

Tbilisi, Georgia

city, country, and world image Temporarily removed Georgia, tbilisi, and tavisupleba square image abandoned, abandoned places, and building image

Petra, Jordan

jordanie image jordan, lost, and ruin image jordan, petra, and wallpaper image jordan, Lost City, and petra image

Tehran, Iran

beautiful, iran, and palace image beautiful places, buildings, and color image Afghanistan, allah, and arab image Temporarily removed

Kyoto, Japan

Temporarily removed geisha, japan, and kyoto image japan, kyoto, and beautiful image autumn, japan, and kawaii image

Shanghai, China

adventure, china, and culture image adventure, shanghai, and travel image Temporarily removed campo magico en shangai image

New Delhi, India

jamia masjid and -in-new-delhi---india image india and New Delhi image india image Temporarily removed

Colombo, Sri Lanka

beach, Island, and palm tree image outsourcing sri lanka image green, lifestyle, and Sri Lanka image adventure, asia, and Sri Lanka image

Bali, Indonesia

Temporarily removed bali, explore, and mountain image Temporarily removed bali, serenity, and travel image

Phuket, Thailand

Temporarily removed dolphin, sea, and summer image dreams, thailand, and travel image thailand, summer, and sea image

Bangkok, Thailand

asia, Temple, and thailand image bangkok, pic, and summer image Temporarily removed bangkok, beautiful, and culture image

Colombo, Sri Lanka

elephant, travel, and couple image Sri Lanka image jungle, Sri Lanka, and waterfall image travel image

Malรฉ, Maldives

beach, travel, and blue image Temporarily removed beach, blue, and night image travel, adventure, and earth image

Hong Kong Disneyland, Honk Kong, China

Dream image china, cups, and disney image destination, disneyland, and fun image adventure, disneyland, and travel image

Tokyo Disneyland, Urayasu, Japan

castle and travel image disneyland, tokyo, and japan image tokyo disneyland image Temporarily removed

Shanghai Disneyland, Chuansha, China

disney, fairytale, and disneyland image china, disneyland, and gina image lights, tron, and disneyland image castle, disneyland, and rapunzel image