So today is the eleventh day of the 15 days writing challenge!
Hope you enjoy :D

Day 11

Make a list of places you want to go to.
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I am really excited about this topic because I love traveling and exploring new cultures :D I also really love different languages!


I became interested in Japan because of anime (I think many of you can relate to this xD), but than I fell in love with the culture <3

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I am also studying Japanese language! <3

I think Japan is truly a beautiful country and it is one of my dreams to visit it!


With South Korea it was the same as with Japan, but I fell in love with Kpop xD I started to listen to korean music (especially BTS xD) and I discovered a whole different world! I would love to visit Seoul <3

bts, suga, and kpop image
This is so funny! xD

Korean culture is really interesting for me and I absolutely love the language! It is like music for my ears and I definitely want to study Korean one day!
Plus I love korean fashion <3

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India is a country of colours, curry and yoga and I love them all! My dream is to meet a real monk!

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These are all Asian countries, so let´s take a look at Europe too (I live in Europe, so it will be probably easier for me to get to European countries :D).


This is a country that many people want to visit and I am definitely one of them!
I would love to visit 221B Baker street xD

city, london, and travel image
And I LOVE the British accent! <3

I learn French at school and it is a really beautiful language for me :) I would love to visit Paris, the city of love <3

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I really love pictures of Canada in autumn!

autumn, canada, and leaves image
It is a country I really want to visit...
blue, sea, and ​beatiful image
I want to see this in person at least once!

As I think about it now, I want to see the whole world! I think every country is really beautiful with it´s nature and people <3

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So that´s it! I included some countries that I really have a dream of visiting, but I want to see everything!

Thank you for reading my article, I hope it made your day just a tiny little bit better <3

See you tommorow!


PS: Today´s song is:

BTS Jungkook´s cover - Lost Stars

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I know this is a cover, but I really love this version <3

September 26, 2017

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