Hey! So my name's Michaela, but it's way too long so everyone calls me just Mima.

I'm 16 yo girl from Slovakia (Ik that you probably don't even knew it existed, but it does). As every other teenager I love listening to music, hanging out and having huge mess in my room. Maybe just as huge like in my head and heart. My head's a mess bc as a 16 yo I should already know what I want to do in my future as my peers, however there's Mima who has no idea what she wants to do. Actually I know for sure that I want to be happy. On the other hand the only reason why my heart's a mess are boys. Well, one in particular. Long short story.
About my likes... One of the things I like is exploring new places I've never been to. My parents are helping me to accomplish that activity/dream. Just bc of 'em I've been to places other ppl can just wish for. My other interests are dancing, reading, sleeping, eating and also learning new things. That may be a reason why I like school. JK I DON'T LIKE SCHOOL.
My appearance...hmm...my height's 169 cm. Over the summer I lost 3 kilos so I'm 53kg (which I'm glad for). I have mid-length, brown, straight hair. Short arms (lol). Always bruised legs w/ troubled knees. My eyes are big and dark brown with super weird lashes.

That might be all about me. <3