Hi, whoever you are.
If you reading this, I want to let you know that you matter. That you're loved and you deserve to feel this love, even if you think u don't.
But first of all, you have to love yourself, embrace everyFUCKINGthing that you are, just be the best version of yourself.
For the ones who follow me for a time, my username used to be c4andy, but now I change for bad at feelings. Not in a negative way, because since I know myself I am always bad at feelings, I can't handle them, I can't deal with them, but it's ok because I'm learning with them.
For the first time in forever I'm using a picture of myself in this blog and feels great to look at yourself like you're the most pretty girl in the world. So, let's be bad at feelings for good feelings to come!

With love and just love,

Heloisa ❤