The Phoenix in Classic Mythology is a unique bird that lived in the desert. After a time of burning itself, it would rise from the ashes with renewed youth and live another cycle.
Another definition is an individual that is regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.

Now then. How many times have you been burned? Repeatedly? Maybe, just maybe this is a gift in disguise. For those who have never been burned, they will never know how to come back with renewed strength and youth.

Blessed is the girl that can realize that while the burn is extremely painful it is also temporary. For she will be the one to come back more powerful than before. For this girl - this girl - will not only survive but she will thrive! She will grow and grow. Her strength is without boundaries or restrictions because within herself, she has learned to rejuvenate and she is resilient!!

Take time in your pain to renew thyself!

Be the Phoenix in the Girl!

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