although i struggle with winter depression, i find fall and winter incredibly beautiful sometimes. And i, as well as many others, learn how to fight off the sad feels, step by step. These steps work for me, but don't get me wrong. Its important to say that if you struggle with depression, there is no quick fix, but at least these tips might help alittle more than someone telling you to stay strong.

- remember to take care of yourself
during a depression or a hard time in life, we often forget to take care of ourselves. If you feel very bad, ask yourself, am i hungry? thirsty? tired? do i want to take a shower? brush mt teeth? go for a hike? have a workout? wash my face?
feeling healthy and clean really helps the feeling of being hopeless, and makes you realize that you actually can do something if you try. Even the smallest tasks become more difficult, but feel proud when you do these things, because after all, taking care of yourself is more important than anything.

-go for a fucking hike darling
i. can. not. say. this. enough. it doesn't matter what shape you are in, or how long you go. Just walk outside with or without music, by feet, on a bike, even a car ride works. Feel the sun on your face and remember that the world exists outside noisy classrooms and silent bedrooms. I KNOW it seem so hard, almost impossible, but once you stand in the middle of the woods, on a road in the middle of nowhere or by a secret beach, you'll understand that the world is so much more.

-you will get trough this.
you will, because even though you feel like nobody understands, not even yourself, there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world struggling right now. For some, maybe you, times are tougher than ever, and even if life shouldn't be so hard, even if you have everything going for you, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FEEL SAD. NO MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM, NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR LIFE LOOKS, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FEEL SAD. AND NO MATTER HOW BAD YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FEEL HAPPY. But we are human, we have more than one feeling, and you should be able to both smile and cry without anyone judging you.

-there are good days and bad days
sometimes is feels like you just figured out life is a total hoax and there never was a point of living. Other times you can see a leaf on the ground and realize that life is precious and that everything has a meaning. Either way, we all know that happiness is fleeting, and if it weren't, we wouldn't know what happiness was. So if you feel sad, remember that someday, in a few hours, days, weeks or months, you will be happy. You will smile. And life will be good.