How do you know if what you feel is real? What if that person who complements exists? I have not been able to see that love does not exist. But I dedicated all the hours possible to love everything that lives. I love the wind dishevel my hair; I love the light that pours in when I wake up. But above all things, I love how my eyes dilate to see you, as my entire being reacts to feeling and I adore each time my spirit travel with you.

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I live surrounded by shadows that I make up and I have managed to love them. I love every sound that holds my dreams. I love the letters and the language of my voice and my fist is benevolent, but I love more the language of my body, my silences, and my eyes. I love the moments short and the seconds eternal in which it seems that life stops. I love this bomb I have in the middle of the chest, it is so amazing that can erupt now or any day if it swells of joy or of anger.

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And well, do check that love does not exist? It is not possible. In exchange, I can offer the addition and subtraction of every time my eyes have felt the need to capture something eternally, each time my hands have been stopped to protect a form, I can only offer my breaths that flutter and stop at the same instant for something wonderful that is born from the center and multiply that by all the times that my legs are filled with a tremor majestic... To affirm and verify that love exists, that beats in each chest, which lives in the memory of eyes, in the forgetfulness of a way, in the work of a few hands. In all my fleeting this universe I have come to see that love exists.

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