So, I just wanted to share my favorite books with you, because I'm not really a book reader, and maybe I can inspire another "non-book-reader", haha!

1. Paaz- Myrthe van der Meer

I don't know if this one is translated, but if you speak dutch, defintely read this book! It is about a girl called Emma. She is admitted to the psychiatric ward of a hospital with depression. She's very overworked. She doesn't think she belongs on this ward. But in the book you'll find out she does.

2. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas- John Boyne

We needed to read this book for English, and it was AMAZING! I think everyone knows the story, but if you don't, it's about Bruno, a German boy who lives in Berlin. His father is a commandant in the German army in World War II and is promoted to be the boss of Auswitz. Bruno and his family move to Poland. Bruno is not allowed to go to the fence, but he does in anyway. At the fence he meets a boy called Shmuel. Shmuel is a Jewish child in the camp. Bruno and Shmuel become very close friends!

3. Looking for Alaska- John Green

We all know 'The Fault in our Stars', but not everyone knows Looking for Alaska, which I think is even better than TFIOS. Looking for Alaska is about Miles. Miles lives in Florida with his parents, but he wants to go to a boarding school, Culver Creek, just like his dad. At Culver Creek he meets a bunch of new friends, including a girl Alaska. Alaska is a "dare-devil" and is responsible for many stunts at the school. Miles is starting to fall for Alaska, but then Alaska gets in an accident.

4. Verloren- Milou van der Horst

Yet again, I don't know if this is translated. The book is about Demi. Her best friend, Lieke is missing. She knows that Lieke always wanted to commit suicide, but did she really do it? You go back in time and find out why Lieke wanted to end her life.

5. The Vanishing- Tim Krabbé

Another Dutch book, but this time it is translated! The book is about Rex and his girlfriend Saskia. They are going on vacation in France. When tey stop at a gas station, and Rex goes comes back from paying, he sees that Saskia is gone. For years Rex doesn't what happend to her, until Lemorne, a French guy, talks to him.