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  • bags

Bags are important in our lives and in our outfits because we not only carry our stuff in them but also it's an accessory.Bags make the outfit look like you've put effort in it.Wether it's a small elegant purse or the bag of your favorite color it's till going to play a big role in your outfit.If you go out without your bag or purse it feels like there's something missing so let's hit some ideas together on it.

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  • skirts and dresses

When we talk about fall the first thing we think about is how cold it can get during fall.But dear ladies apart from being cozy in fall we also need to remember to look pretty too.And that's what skirts and dresses do."A woman's greatest power is in how feminine she is", always remember this.It doesn't matter how cold it gets we should sometimes wear some "feminine clothing" to look AND feel good not for someone else but for ourselves.Now let's look at some examples:

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  • RED

Always a classic,red never goes out of trend and it hasn't either this year.If you have any red pieces in your wardrobe I congratulate you because you can get something new for this fall.And if you don't I congratulate you too, cause you guys relate to the same group as me because I don't either.But let's give a real talk here: fall IS red.The leaves,the trees,the parks-everything.And so should YOU be! Whether it's your coat or your shoes or a hat it's still gonna make you chic and "fally".Here's some inspiration for wearing red:

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and an example of what I collect:

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