Recently I have been obsessed with looking at makeup and reading beauty routines. I barely ever wear makeup so I want to try it and experiment with it! This is a list of a few makeup products I want to try and why! Enjoy! If you have any makeup products that you love, please message them to me so I can try them out!!

1. Perfect Shine Peach Bellini Lipgloss by Primark
So Primark have a line of cute peach themed products that remind me of Kakaotalk's Apeach (whom I love). These products look creamy and are bright with some more neutral tones for winter. I chose this colour in particular as I am new to makeup so jumping straight into dark tones may be risky.

2. Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette by Primark
Another product from Primark's peach themed products. This eyeshadow palette is full of cute, peachy toned eyeshadows which would be easy for me to use and wouldn't require much blending or technique as they are lighter colours.

3. Insta Girl Intense Liquid Lip 'It Girl' by Primark
Another lip product (there's going to be a few). This lip product is a light pink shade that is full colour, has a satin finish and has vitamin E.

4. Hide and Conceal Stick by MUA
I have tried this product before and it's my favourite concealer ever! It is only £1 which is so cheap for such a good concealer!! I've also tried MUA's Cover and Conceal Wand which is good but I think the Hide and Conceal Stick is much better.

5. Luxe Whipped Velvet Lips by MUA
So this product wasn't originally on my list but when I was looking for the name of a product I came across this and it looks amazing! At the time I am writing this it has been reduced from £3 to £1!! The colour is pink notice the theme but it looks very silky!

6. Kind To Skin+ Perfecting BB Beauty Balm SPF15 by Simple
I have never used a BB cream or a CC cream. I've never really used foundation either as I have very very pale skin which is hard to find a shade that matches perfectly (I always end up looking orange). I've been wanting to try a BB cream as I've heard loads of people talk about them, having sensitive skin doesn't help either when trying new products so I went with one by Simple as I used to use this brand all the time.

7. So Clear Powder Transparent by Miss Sporty
When I first discovered makeup in magazines when I was about 10, Miss Sporty was a brand that always came up. I used a few Miss Sporty products and I loved them!! I currently have a powder that I have barely used which I want to use but once it is done I will try this one next!

8. Eyebrow Pencil Brown by Miss Sporty
I have a few bald spots in my eyebrows that I have been wanting to fill with a product for a while but haven't found a product that looks good to me! When I came across this product it looked very good for the low price and I am hoping to give it a try.

9. Flawless Brightening Primer by Barry M
Barry M was another brand that I discovered and fell in love with when I first got into makeup. My face is very pale so it always looks dull and grey which needs to be brightened asap!!

10. Setting Spray Dewy Mist & Fix Finish by Barry M
I walk a lot to get to school I sweat a lot lol so I need something to keep my makeup in place. I really love Asian makeup as it always looks fresh and dewy which is what my pale, grey face needs!! The fact that this is dewy will be great for me!!

11. Coconut Infusion Nail Paint Laguna by Barry M
I have always loved Barry M nail polishes as there is a wide range of colours and types! This one stood out to me the most so I really want to try it!!

12. Speedy Nail Paint Freestyle by Barry M
I really love quick drying nail polishes because I'm always on my phone or computer so I need to be on them quickly!!