It is so easy to make the wrong choices in life. Most of the time you don't even know that you're walking in the wrong direction until you reached the middle.

This is what happens with people that give up on their dreams.

When I told my mom that I don't like what I'm studying right now, she said that I was already too far in the middle to quit so what left now is just to row the boat.

This is a good plan, a safe one.

I don't have any trouble academically, my grades were fine. I am a good student and an active one. So, I don't see any disadvantage in continuing.

But as time goes on, I see cracks every now and then. I would get so anxious over small things. I get sad for no reason. And I was very very stressed out.

I thought that it should be fine as long as I keep doing what I'm doing that I don't realize that all these external outcomes somehow became a burden to me.

And I realized that you could fail at a safe life.
And when that happens you'd feel a tremendous sense of regret.

You could not make a home out of somebody else's threshold, no matter how comfortable, how favorable, how safe it was from the threat of the night.

Row the boat, but change the direction.