Hey Stranger!

Today I got myself in such a great mood, writing mood. In physics lesson in school I was wondering about which topic would I choose to write about. I wrote only one article so there is wide range of topics I could choose and write about. And here it is, reason why I decided to start write.

The reason why you start doing something is because you find a joy, passion in it. And especially yourself. I found myself in a lot of things and this is one of them. But I am the type of person that can't hold on one thing for so long and still tries to do new things. Which is not the best. Hope this will be different.

When I was younger I was writing a books, some stories. When I look back at it, yeah, it makes me laugh, because the stories doesn't make that much sense and those grammar mistakes, ahh. But that's obvious. I was even wrtiting my diary (I still do) since I was able to write. Anyways, the main reason why I started to write, is that I wanted express myself this way. To share my feelings, thoughts and opinions with you. I always think about so many things at once, so I just put my thoughts into an article. And that's where I really found myself.